Inside the Relentless Remuda

Inside the Relentless Remuda

4 Seasons

Bringing in a smoking $707,079.80 in total earnings in 2023 and continuing their success into 2024, the Relentless Remuda is lighting the rope horse market on fire. Step inside the training program partnership of 26X World Champion Trevor Brazile and renowned horse trainer Miles Baker as they raise and train top-level performance horses. From groundwork to colt-starting to futurity practice sessions and everything in between, this playlist gives exclusive access to what it takes to make great rope horses.

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Inside the Relentless Remuda
  • Trevor Brazile's Secret to Battling In-Arena Nerves

    Episode 1

    Does Trevor Brazile still get nervous, even after $7 million in earnings and 26 gold buckles? Yes, yes he does. It's how he deals with them that sets him apart. 

  • The Short-Round Mentality

    Episode 2

    Trevor Brazile has been in a short round or two. In this video, he talks through how he prepares himself mentally for a high-pressure situation and thinks through jackpot scenarios that require him to use his head as much as his rope. 

  • Breakawaying on a Head Horse

    Episode 3

    Using a breakaway rope is a reliable way to keep your head horse running to the cow and staying straight.

  • Protecting Your Rope Horse Investment

    Episode 4

    Keeping a horse working isn't just a matter of winning. With the skyrocketing price of rope horses, making sure your horse stays solid is the best way to protect your financial investment. In this video, Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker analyze how that works in the rope horse business.

  • Reinforcing Respect in the Bridle

    Episode 5

    Consistent, small cues are critical in a rope horse program. Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker explain how they reinforce their cues and how they insure their horses are listening.

  • Switchenders

    Episode 6

    Some horses are more natural in the heading, while others excel in the heeling. In young horses, it's not always easy to know which way a horse should go. Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker like to head and heel on their green horses to help them develop and to figure out where they belong.

  • Controlling Controllables

    Episode 7

    In team roping, perfection can hold you back. Growing through imperfection is what makes you a better winner, says Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker.

  • Handling a Dragger

    Episode 8

    Keeping a dragging steer moving is key to helping your heeler rope two feet. Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker break down how they manage the roping and riding on a dragger.

  • Physically Preparing Different Styles of Horses

    Episode 9

    Reiners, cutters, cow horses and running bred horses all require different workout regimens and warm-ups. Here is how Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker prepare each different type of horse for competition.

  • Adding Speed to a Cow Horse

    Episode 10

    Most team ropers are riding cow-bred horses, and they often write in asking Trevor Brazile how to add speed to them and keep them running to the cow. In this video, Brazile and Miles Baker break down how they get the most out of their cow-bred horses.

  • Facing on Young Horses

    Episode 11

    Miles Baker demonstrates how he reinforces Keeping your horse’s shoulders moving.

  • Holding the Saddle Horn or Cocking the Rope

    Episode 12

    Are you faster when you cock your rope in the corner or when you hold the saddle horn? Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker analyze their swings from each position and talk through which is best.

  • Should You Cock Your Rope at the Ariat World Series Finale

    Episode 13

    Things happen fast at the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale. Are you better off cocking your rope for a fast first swing, or holding the saddle horn out of the box? Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker pass along their experience and opinion.

  • What You Should Expect From A Colt Starter

    Episode 14

    What do Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker want colt starters to do with young horses? How much time should a colt starter spend on a young horse? And what basic skills does a colt need?

  • Making a New Partner Work

    Episode 15

    Partner swapping can be detrimental to your roping, and Trevor Brazile talks through why that is and how you can make adjustments if you need to swap.

  • Blending Styles in a Partnership

    Episode 16

    Headers and heelers spend time figuring out their run, and sometimes they make adjustments on the fly. Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker talk through how those adjustments are made mid-run, and who needs to make those adjustments.

  • Benefits of Riding a Cowboy-Type Horse

    Episode 17

    Trevor Brazile has a tough horse in the barn that’s broke to death and makes his job fun. He talks about why here.

  • The Types of Runs That Keep Young Horses Solid

    Episode 18

    Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker have a young horse with fancy footwork in the face, and in this video they describe the type of runs they’re making on him to keep him solid.

  • Developing a Corner on Young Head Horses

    Episode 19

    Making a willing young horse solid involves riding your horse under your swing and keeping him moving forward through the corner. Miles Baker talks through building forgiveness into his program to keep his young horses liking their jobs.

  • Managing Your Horse's Mind

    Episode 20

    Every horse has different abilities, both mentally and physically. In this video, Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker use a 4-year-old mare as an example of how they modify their training to fit each individual’s temperament and abilities. In this video they demonstrate scoring, breakaway roping and m...

  • Holding Your Horse's Hips in Place

    Episode 21

    Trevor Brazile is never done learning, and luckily he has Miles Baker around to provide insights when he sees a hole in his horsemanship. In this video, Baker coaches Brazile through a slight adjustment to his body position to better control his horse’s hips.