Team Roping Practice Sessions

Team Roping Practice Sessions

Perhaps the most entertaining roping videos on actual practice sessions from inside the arenas of the best horse trainers and team ropers in the world. Our video library is a treasure trove of practice drills, exercises and routines designed to help you see how the pros practice with a purpose, so you can mimic their methods in your own arena. Plus, you can watch them work some of the best rope horses in the game to get a better understanding of how to practice with your own horses.

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Team Roping Practice Sessions
  • Trouble-Shooting Box Issues | Practice Session

    In this full practice session, Brad Lund heads on a daughter of DT Sugar Chex Whiz, the mare Billie Jack Saebens won Horse of the Year aboard. Lund addresses issues that have arisen from a winter in the show pen on a 4-year-old, while Kirchenschlager talks trouble-shooting a heel horse.

  • Practice Session on Hankies Version

    Hankies Version has won over $60,000 in his rope horse futurity career, and he’s ready to hit the road with the Richards at the rodeos and jackpots. What sets him apart? And what are his practice reps like? Rhen Richard goes over his form, his warm ups and his practice program

  • Practice Session on Foose Is Smoking

    Description: Rhen Richard explains the conformation of a 5-year-old head horse and how his structure affects his performance. Then he breaks down how he warms the horse up, and finally what his practice session looks like.

  • Practice Session on Clubhouse

  • Hancock Fella

    Kaden Richard picked up an outside horse with Hancock breeding because he saw the talent and try in him, and in this practice session before the horse’s first futurity, Richard explains what his reps look like and why. He addresses smoothing out a run and keeping his horse working between his leg...

  • Summer Colada

    Kaden Richard’s great mare Summer Colada has stood out in ARHFA and Royal Crown competition. Bred by the 88 Ranch, Summer Colada’s a super-talented mare that Richard has trained from the ground up. Richard breaks down how her conformation affects her talent and explains his entire program with her.

  • Practice Session on Shes Mischievous

    Kaden Richard has won big on the black Winners Version mare Shes Mischievous. In this video, he introduces her and explains the ups and downs of her conformation and how it affects her performance. He talks through her warmup program, as well as her bit selection and practice program.

  • Practice Session on SJR Diamond Bond

    SJR Diamond Bond is one of A&C Racing and Roping’s top futurity horses, with tens of thousands in earnings. Bred by the San Juan Ranch out of the stallion CD Diamond and purchased as a yearling out of the Western Bloodstock Sale, SJR Diamond Bond was destined to be a head horse. Richard explains ...

  • Practice Session on Legend

  • Practice Session on Nala and Hooligan

  • Rodeo Horse Tuning Session

    Brock Hanson is preparing for a rodeo, focusing on scoring and freeing up his rodeo horse. On the heel side, Ryan Motes is getting his gelding Bear back in shape after some time off.

  • Practice Session: Lunchbox

    Miles Baker talks through what it takes to train 3-year-old running-bred Lunchbox.

  • Practice Session: Gangster

    Miles Baker takes us through a practice session with 5-year-old Gangster.

  • Practice Session on Clubhouse

    RR Buckles Clubhouse, a 4-year-old gelding by Show Me The Buckles out of a Shining Spark mare, dominated the 2023 Equinety Platinum Medal Futurity in the heading. In this video, Trevor Brazile breaks down a practice session on "Clubhouse."

  • 2022 NFR Steer Break-In | Day 2 | Full Session

    On day two of the 2022 NFR steer break in at Kaleb Driggers, Dustin Egusquiza, Travis Graves, JR Dees, Levi Lord, Cody Snow, Wesley Thorp, Buddy Hawkins, Clay Tryan, Jade Corkill, Junior Nogueira and Logan Medlin all showed up to put runs on the Hill Rodeo Cattle steers they’ll rope in the Thomas...

  • Full Horseback Dummy Roping Session with Clay Smith

    Get into the practice pen at the Pitzer Ranch with Clay Smith has he walks a set of ropers of every level through a morning of practice on a ground-driven training dummy horseback. 

  • Rhen Richard | Green Head Horse Practice Session

    Leading futurity trainer and NFR header Rhen Richard talks through an entire practice session on a green head horse, explaining how and why he makes the runs he does and what he does to fix any problems that may arise.

  • Trevor Brazile & Miles Baker | Practice Session Spring 2022

    A full practice session on futurity horses at the Relentless Remuda in Decatur, Texas. 

  • Practicing to be High Call at the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale

    You need to practice putting yourself in high-pressure situations in the practice pen. Here's the way to practice for the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale.

  • Practicing on a Good One: Travis Graves and Dual Chip

    What should a practice look like on a good horse? Travis Graves talks about what he expects out of runs at home from his great gelding Dual Chip. 

  • 2022 NFR Steer Break-In Footage

    In this introduction to the 2022 NFR steer break in process with Hill Rodeo Cattle, Cody Snow, Wesley Thorp and JR Dees introduce you to the cattle for the Finals.

  • Luke Brown & Hunter Koch | Practice Session

    Watch this practice session with Luke Brown and Hunter Koch.

  • How to Make Pre-Futurity Runs in the Practice Pen

    When getting ready for an event, strategizing on which horses you ride with which partner horses, and how you'll put those runs together, can be the difference between a win and a disappointment on game day. Bert McGill and Ryan Motes talk about how they build runs on each horse in the practice p...

  • World Series of Team Roping Finale Practice

    The Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale is the third-richest event in equine sports, and preparing for the unique challenges presented at the event is critical. World Champion Patrick Smith talks us through how he prepares for major events and how he believes horses need to be working for th...