Breakaway Dummy Drills

Breakaway Dummy Drills

Enhance your roping accuracy and consistency with targeted dummy drills. These videos provide step-by-step guidance on practicing your roping technique, honing your precision with a bale of hay, a Nex or a Smarty.

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Breakaway Dummy Drills
  • Dummy Roping Lesson

    Lari Dee Guy walks us through making rope adjustments on a dummy. She discusses where the breakover on the rope should be, how to check it on the dummy and how the breakover affects accuracy.

  • Stance in Dummy Roping

    When you're roping the breakaway dummy, your weight should be on the heels of your feet rather than your toes. In this video, Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson explain their breakaway roping stance and why it matters.

  • Walk Drill on Dummy

    Roping the breakaway dummy at a walk can help create muscle memory in your swing when you're running to a live calf. In this video, Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson demonstrate one of their favorite breakaway roping dummy drills.

  • Smarty Roping lesson with Shelby Boisjoli

    NFBR qualifier Shelby Boisjoli breaks down these ropers' loops at the Smarty Young Pro clinic. She works through fundamentals of the swing, loop size, the delivery and more.

  • Smarty Roping Lesson with Kelsie Domer

    WPRA World Champion Kelsie Domer gives advice on the Smarty at the Smarty Young Pro clinic. She discusses topics such as fundamentals, making practice more realistic and rope angles. 

  • Roping Lesson on Horseback with Shelby Boisjoli and Kelsie Domer

    NFBR qualifiers Shelby Boisjoli and Kelsie Domer work through common roping mistakes and break down these cowgirls' roping on the sled at the Smarty Young Pro clinic. They work through basic to advanced mistakes.

  • Learning How to React During a Run

    This simple drill is perfect for beginners or younger ropers to learn how to react quickly while breakaway roping. Martha and Sarah Angelone originally learned this game at a Joe Beaver Clinic and have used it throughout the years to train themselves to be prepared for any situation that could ar...

  • Perfect Position

    Maintaining good positioning behind a calf starts on the ground level. Martha Angelone walks through how she practices her positioning on the dummy and demonstrates the correct areas to practice from.

  • Learning Correct Body Position on the Ground

    Not only is the position that you rope from on the dummy important, your core and arm positioning has effects on your loop. Martha Angelone shares a simple drill to help train your body to stay in good position through your throw when roping the dummy on the ground and explains how it can carry o...

  • The First Swing to the Last Swing

    Martha Angelone's first swing is one of her keys to wicked fast runs. She breaks down precisely how she brings her first swing up and sets herself up to deliver quickly, then how she launches her last swing to the target for high-percentage catches.

  • Building Confidence to be Fast

    Martha Angelone explains the ways that she uses roping the dummy to train herself to be fast in competition. Sarah Angelone explains how she applies pressure to herself and her young horses in order to prepare to win at jackpots and rodeos. They give examples of how their father and a mentor taug...

  • Practicing Roping on the Gain and Catching Tricky Calves

    Sarah Angelone shares how she practices roping on the gain from the ground. Martha breaks down how she and Sarah's delivery style helps both ladies reach and catch close cattle, and Sarah demonstrates drills to help keep an open, even loop when calves move left or right during a run.

  • When People Say You Dropped Your Elbow

    Cadee Williams discusses what it means whenever somebody says that you "dropped your elbow," in breakaway roping and how to remedy the problem in her exclusive pre-NFBR practice series.

  • Why shouldn't Breakaway Ropers Speed Up Their Delivery?

    NFBR qualifier Cadee Williams answers the question of why it can be troublesome to speed up your last swing when breakaway roping. She breaks down how she puts power on her swing and delivers with less aggression in order to smoothly catch calves. 

  • Building a Correctly Sized Loop

    NFBR aggregate champion Cadee Williams explains how she controls her top and bottom strand when breakaway roping versus heading in the team roping. She also works through her measurements for spoke length, loop size and more to help create a balanced and snappy loop.

  • Turning Your Rope and Delivering on Target

    Cadee Williams has her own swinging style—a hybrid between traditional heading and breakaway loops. She explains what this looks like, how she turns her rope over and the key to delivering straight to your target.

  • First Swing Secrets

    Cadee Williams knows how to throw FAST. She shares her secrets to bringing her first swing up and covering the most area in order to achieve high-percentage catching shots right out of the box. She discusses her angles, arm position and more on the ground. 

  • Rating Drills and Sled Drills out of the Box

    Martha rides her older horse, Simba and demonstrates drills on the sled that can help horses pay attention and rate off a calf during a live run. Sarah Angelone and 4-year-old Squishy try the drill as well and work on staying smooth, focused and in the correct position. Both sisters talk through ...

  • Ground Fundamentals with Danielle Lowman

    Danielle Lowman shows why she alternates between roping the Heelomatic Nex and Smarty training tools. She also explains what specific parts of her roping she focuses on while roping on the ground and some simple drills that help keep her loop sharp. Lowman explains how frequently she ropes the du...

  • Training Session on the Sled

    Lowman breaks down more of her horse training principles in this video. She explains how she trains horses to track, move through her throw and stop straight behind the calf dummy. She also describes how she keeps horses in the right lead and how she focuses on her riding while roping the sled. S...