The Sarah & Dani Low Show

The Sarah & Dani Low Show had the privilege to shoot with Sarah Angelone, right after her American Rodeo win, alongside the one and only Danielle Lowman. In this series, these ladies talk about bits, ropes, the fundamentals and more!

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The Sarah & Dani Low Show
  • How Danielle Lowman Ropes the Dummy to Go Fast

    Danielle Lowman explains how she get the muscle memory to rope fast using dummies, how she plays with her rope to prepare for different situations and Sarah Angelone discusses how different kinds of dummies help ropers with the top or bottom strands of their loops.

  • Practice Session on Almost-Finished 4-Year-Old Futurity Gelding "John"

    Sarah Angelone practices on 4-year-old futurity horse "John," who has had 8 months of breakaway training. Sarah considers John almost ready to start hauling to rodeos, and ropes with the score lane up to test his ability to catch up, rate and stop off her throw.

  • A Horse's First Time Out of the Box with Sarah Angelone

    Sarah Angelone takes a 4-year-old "Louie" out of the box for the first time with the score lane up, building his confidence. She emphasizes forward motion and avoids nit-picking to get some solid runs in the books.

  • Discussing Different Styles of Roping Fast in Breakaway

    Sarah Angelone and Danielle Lowman discuss how their roping styles differ but they often end up with the same time at ProRodeos. Sarah relies more on her horsepower while Danielle uses her longer, heavier rope while floating across the barrier line and throwing all she's got.

  • Danielle Lowman Practices for Herself on Breakaway Horse "Boots"

    Danielle Lowman shows how she practices for herself on breakaway and heel horse "Boots." She goes from scoring to freeing Boots up on calves and making rodeo runs in preparation for RodeoHouston.

  • Breakaway Box Positioning and Loop Size with Danielle Lowman

    Danielle Lowman meticulously breaks down her leg, hand and seat position in the box that allow her to leave with her horse smoothly. She also discusses her loop size based on the run she's planning to make.

  • How to Warm Up Your Horse and Yourself for Breakaway

    Sarah Angelone and Danielle Lowman discuss what it takes to warm up both themselves and their horses for breakaway.

  • Sarah Angelone Breakaway Practice on "Tight" Finished Horse "Squishy"

    Sarah Angelone practices on a finished horse "Squishy," which she recently purchased back from his last owner. Squishy is a tighter horse who likes to stop, so Sarah focuses on keeping him freed up while still getting practice reps in. 

  • Different Breakaway Rope Sizes

    Picking the size of your rope is a personal preference. Danielle Lowman and Sarah Angelone both have different styles of roping, so they use different sizes of ropes. Lowman explains the size of rope she prefers versus what Angelone uses. She also breaks down how different rope sizes may feel in ...

  • How to Put a Breakaway Honda On a Practice Rope

    Putting a breakaway honda on your practice rope can be intimidating your first time. In this video, Danielle Lowman demonstrates how to put a practice honda on a rope and get a practice rope ready.

  • Danielle Lowman’s Bit Collection

    Danielle Lowman explains her collection of bits and headgear and when she uses each piece. She also explains the growth she’s had in learning more about bits and adding to her collection. Lowman and Sarah Angelone also add how important it is to ask questions when figuring out what bits you shoul...

  • Breakaway Bits and Headgear with Sarah Angelone

    As a trainer and competitor, Sarah Angelone has an impressive collection of bits and tie-downs for her horses. In this video, Angelone breaks down the bits she has, what horses she uses them on and when to use them.