Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith

3 Seasons

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Patrick Smith
  • Horse and Body Position in a Heel Shot

    Episode 1

    Patrick Smith breaks down horse position with a student in a heel shot.

  • Balance Leaving The Box

    Episode 2

    Patrick Smith breaks down some side-by-side footage with his dad. Smith focuses on how to help your horse leave the box comfortably and with balance.

  • Roping For Your Horse - Drill To Keep Your Horse Light In The Corner

    Episode 3

    Watch as Patrick Smith shares this drill to keep heel horses working well at the end of a practice.?

  • Spacing In The Corner & Seeing Your Target

    Episode 4

    The key to being successful is control, according to Patrick Smith. This video features head cam footage of Patrick heeling and he breaks down how he stays control in a run.

  • Staying in Time with the Loper

    Episode 5

    Draw the loper? Roping older cattle at the jackpot? Patrick Smith talks about how important control of your horse is to keeping your timing on slower cattle.

  • Balance & Posture

    Episode 6

    Staying in position in the saddle helps you control your loop and ride your horse in position. Patrick Smith explains proper posture in the saddle.

  • Sticking with the Fundamentals

    Episode 7

    Keeping your tip down over the steer's back is critical for catching two feet. In this quick tip, Patrick Smith works with a student to emphasize sticking to fundamentals throughout the learning process.

  • Most Common Mistakes on The Smarty Pipes

    Episode 8

    “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” In this video brought to you by Lone Star Ropes, Patrick Smith explains some of the most common mistakes ropers make when roping the Smarty Pipes—and how to fix them. “I think it’s really important that you rope the dummy on the gro...

  • Balancing Your Reins & Controlling Your Horse

    Episode 9

    There is a delicate balance between keeping control of your horse and staying out of his mouth. Work on your left hand positioning with Patrick Smith.

  • Developing Timing

    Episode 10

    Waiting for the steer to come through the corner before entering the turn allows you to keep your timing across the pen, creating distance, separation and line of sight on the feet.