Joseph Harrison

Joseph Harrison

4 Seasons

Joseph Harrison, a seasoned veteran with over $1,000,000 in career earnings and six appearances at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, shares invaluable insights on perfecting your positioning near the pipes. Learn from the best and avoid common mistakes with his exclusive masterclass, available only on

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Joseph Harrison
  • Tip and Body Position Roping the Pipes

    Episode 1

    Your tip and body position affect your catch ratio, plain and simple. In this video, Joseph Harrison explains how you could be erring in your heeling dummy practice with the wrong position. 

  • Athletic Position Heeling the Pipes

    Episode 2

    Heelers need to rope the Smarty Pipes with the same athletic position they'd have on the horse. Joseph Harrison demonstrates. 

  • Distance and Angle Roping the Pipes

    Episode 3

    Where you stand when you rope the Pipes really matters when you're looking for quality, realistic heeling practice. Joseph Harrison demonstrates proper position on the Smarty Pipes.