Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes

4 Seasons

Learn Barnes' no-nonsense path to success.
Jake Barnes has built a multi-million-dollar career out of sheer grit and talent, and at Roping.com, he’s here to pass that try on to you. Barnes is the man at building a practice plan that takes you to the pay window.

Jake Barnes
  • Jake Barnes' Career in Team Roping

    Episode 1

    Jake Barnes is a seven-time world champion header. But how did he get his start? Barnes describes his life growing up and how he got his start roping.

  • Jake Barnes' Greatest Horses

    Episode 2

    Jake Barnes talks about his best horses over the years.

  • Fate & Rodeo

    Episode 3

    How did Jake Barnes and three-time World Champion Junior Nogueira meet? Jake explains the time he first met Nogueira and life changed after that.

  • Being a World Champion

    Episode 4

    Being a world champion means having a world champion attitude and maturity. Jake Barnes explains his life as a role model.

  • The Jake Steer

    Episode 5

    What is the JakeSteer and how did it start? Jake Barnes describes how the JakeSteer was created.

  • The Team Ropers' Battle for Equal Money at the NFR

    Episode 6

    For a long time, team ropers were second-class citizens in the eyes of ProRodeo. Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper—seven-time world champs—were part of the struggle to get equal money in the largest event in ProRodeo. 

  • Jake & Clay's Origin Story

    Episode 7

    How exactly did Jake & Clay become Jake & Clay? Jake Barnes and Clay Cooper talk about their first time meeting and how they developed into the most iconic and longest-lasting team in history. 

  • Jake Barnes & Clay O'Brien Cooper's Wildest Turnout Story

    Episode 8

    Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper tell the story of getting turned out in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with Allen Bach. 

  • Rodeo Stories with Jake Barnes & Clay O'Brien Cooper

    Episode 9

    Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper tell stories about traveling in the early days of their careers with Allen Bach, including crazy camper travel stories. 

  • Rodeo Responsibilities

    Episode 10

    Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper talk about how they split up responsibilities on the rodeo trail throughout their careers. 

  • Partnership Struggles: Jake and Clay Get Real About Partnership

    Episode 11

    There are ups and downs to every partnership, and Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper weren't immune to partner problems. In this exclusive interview, Barnes and Cooper talk about the struggles they ran into in their partnership over the last four decades.

  • Long vs. Short Game Evolution

    Episode 12

    How did the reaching game develop? And who was responsible? Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper discuss the evolution of heading.

  • Are Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira the Greatest Team of THIS Generation?

    Episode 13

    Are Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira the greatest team of this generation of team ropers? Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper weigh in.

  • Breaking It Down: Understanding Every Aspect of the Run

    Episode 14

    Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper are master analyzers of the sport of team roping. Why do they like to break things down so much, and how do they best analyze each run?

  • The Elusive 8th Gold Buckle

    Episode 15

    How badly did Jake Barnes and Clay Cooper want an eighth gold buckle? And what did not winning it mean to them and their careers?

  • Roping's Evolution 

    Episode 16

    What forces team roping, and how has roping changed, since Jake Barnes and Clay O'Brien Cooper won their world titles? Barnes and Cooper talk about how they've seen the event become the premier event in Western sports.