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Dive deep into the fundamentals of heeling in team roping with our instructional video collection, led by a lineup of coaches including Clay O'Brien Cooper, Rickey Green, Miles Baker, Joseph Harrison, Dakota Kirchenschlager and more. Our video library is organized into distinct subcategories, each designed to enhance your heeling skills:
Fundamentals: Build a strong foundation in heeling with comprehensive lessons on the core principles and techniques essential for success in team roping.
Dummy Work: Practice your heeling technique with purpose and precision using dummy work exercises that help you refine your accuracy and consistency.
Box Work & Scoring: Heel horses don’t get as much focused instruction in the box as head horses, but the way they stand and leave is still important for good position and timing down the arena.
Swing: Learn the nuances of achieving a balanced and effective swing, optimizing your chances of making precise catches during roping runs.
Delivery: Explore the mechanics of delivering your loop accurately and efficiently, enhancing your ability to rope the steer's hind legs consistently.
Dallying: Discover the intricacies of dallying, including proper technique and timing, to secure your catch and keep your fingers.
Stopping: Gain insights into stopping your horse effectively, maintaining control, and setting up the ideal shot for successful heeling.
Corner Work: Control your horse through the corner with proper position and spacing, ensuring you're in the right spot to execute flawless heel shots in various arena scenarios.
Position and Timing: Fine-tune your positioning and timing skills, crucial for achieving a higher catch percentage, better horsemanship and a more controlled run.
Our video collection offers a comprehensive and detailed exploration of these critical heeling subcategories, with guidance from world-class coaches who share their decades of experience and championship-winning strategies. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned heeler, our instructional videos will help you refine your skills, gain confidence, and excel in the exciting world of team roping. Start learning from the best today to elevate your heeling game to new heights.

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  • Slowing Down the Run

    Episode 1

    How do you work on your horse and your roping at the same time? World Champion Matt Sherwood talks about how he approaches the corner on a horse that needs help through the turn and how he still is able to heel fast in the process.

  • Bumping Your Horse Through the Corner

    Episode 2

    Kolton Schmidt explains how he's using his bridle reins to help his green horse get a hold of the steer through the corner.

  • Spacing In The Corner & Seeing Your Target

    Episode 3

    The key to being successful is control, according to Patrick Smith. This video features head cam footage of Patrick heeling and he breaks down how he stays control in a run.

  • Heeling Drill: Developing Control Through the Corner

    Episode 4

    In preparation for the American Rope Horse Futurity—where Joseph Harrison showed Tuckin Away Buckles for the Relentless Remuda—Miles Baker drills "Dagger" to keep him listening and controlled in the corner. 

  • Setting the Corner

    Episode 5

    The look you give your heeler needs to stay the same no matter the conditions. Coleman Proctor describes what he does with his hands and his feet to make it happen.

  • The World Series Start

    Episode 6

    The key to the Ariat World Series of Team Roping's quick start is being flat and square in the corner. Brazile talks about how to master it in time for the 2021 Finale in this video.

  • Keeping Your Horse Light In The Corner

    Episode 7

    This sneaky drill can help your horse work more honest on the heel side. Patrick Smith shares how to keep bad habits from forming on live cattle.

  • Releasing Your Horse in the Corner When Scoring

    Episode 8

    The 26-time PRCA World Champion Trevor Brazile wants his horses leaving off his hand, and he accomplishes that through precise scoring in the practice pen. In this video, he explains why the consistent cue of allowing his horse forward motion from the corner when they score is key for developing ...

  • Pushing Your Horse Around The Corner On The Machine

    Episode 9

  • Corner Control

    Episode 10

  • Understanding_the_Relentless_Remudas_Corner_V2_FINAL.mp4

    Episode 11