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Dive deep into the fundamentals of heeling in team roping with our instructional video collection, led by a lineup of coaches including Clay O'Brien Cooper, Rickey Green, Miles Baker, Joseph Harrison, Dakota Kirchenschlager and more. Our video library is organized into distinct subcategories, each designed to enhance your heeling skills:
Fundamentals: Build a strong foundation in heeling with comprehensive lessons on the core principles and techniques essential for success in team roping.
Dummy Work: Practice your heeling technique with purpose and precision using dummy work exercises that help you refine your accuracy and consistency.
Box Work & Scoring: Heel horses don’t get as much focused instruction in the box as head horses, but the way they stand and leave is still important for good position and timing down the arena.
Swing: Learn the nuances of achieving a balanced and effective swing, optimizing your chances of making precise catches during roping runs.
Delivery: Explore the mechanics of delivering your loop accurately and efficiently, enhancing your ability to rope the steer's hind legs consistently.
Dallying: Discover the intricacies of dallying, including proper technique and timing, to secure your catch and keep your fingers.
Stopping: Gain insights into stopping your horse effectively, maintaining control, and setting up the ideal shot for successful heeling.
Corner Work: Control your horse through the corner with proper position and spacing, ensuring you're in the right spot to execute flawless heel shots in various arena scenarios.
Position and Timing: Fine-tune your positioning and timing skills, crucial for achieving a higher catch percentage, better horsemanship and a more controlled run.
Our video collection offers a comprehensive and detailed exploration of these critical heeling subcategories, with guidance from world-class coaches who share their decades of experience and championship-winning strategies. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned heeler, our instructional videos will help you refine your skills, gain confidence, and excel in the exciting world of team roping. Start learning from the best today to elevate your heeling game to new heights.

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  • On Heeling and Baseball | Loop Placement

    Episode 1

    American Champion heeler Ryan Motes talks through heeling theory and loop placement in an exclusive clinic to Key Card members at the 2022 US Finals.

  • Full Lesson with a Standout Junior Rodeo Heeler

    Episode 2

    Two-time World Champion Patrick Smith spends a day fine-tuning a teenage 3 heeler, working on ground-fundamentals, position, timing, delivery and more. Smith addresses the often-overlooked horsemanship aspects of heeling, too, in order to get to the root of any issues. 

  • Learn to Let Your Heel Rope Slide

    Episode 3

    Are you slamming your rope down to dally? Matt Sherwood explains how you should finish your run with your heel rope. 

  • Sticking with the Fundamentals

    Episode 4

    Keeping your tip down over the steer's back is critical for catching two feet. In this quick tip, Patrick Smith works with a student to emphasize sticking to fundamentals throughout the learning process.

  • Heeling Donkeys Part 1: The Benefits of a Heeling Donkey

    Episode 5

    A good heeling donkey can be a critical element to a heeler and horse trainer's program. Clay O'Brien Cooper has long kept a burro around his arena to heel. Here's why.

  • How To Hold The Reins And Coils

    Episode 6

    How should team ropers hold the reins and their coils? World Champion Matt Sherwood shows the right way to control your horse and your rope with your left hand.

  • Heeling Tips Roping the Smarty

    Episode 7

    Junior Nogueira breaks down sled roping runs at the Smarty Young Pro camp.

  • Why Heelers Miss

    Episode 8

    There are two common misses in heeling, and Clay O'Brien Cooper breaks them down.

  • Roping 101: Basic Bits, Tie-downs & How To Bridle A Horse

    Episode 9

    Jake Barnes explains the fundamentals of bits and tie-downs and how to bridle a bit for a beginner.

  • Fundamentals Of A Solid First (Heeling) Swing

    Episode 10

    The heeler’s first swing is critical. Here’s how to master it. 

  • Trap Vs. Scoop

    Episode 11

    Trap vs. scoop: What's the difference? Clay O'Brien Cooper explains the difference and the perfect combination of the two.

  • Fundamental Heeling Lesson

    Episode 12

    In this iconic Roping.com throwback, the late, legendary Rickey Green walks you through the fundamentals of heeling.

  • Heeling Donkeys Part 3: Drills on the Heeling Donkey

    Episode 13

    How should you heel a heeling donkey or burro? Clay O'Brien Cooper breaks down his practice plan on a heeling donkey based on what he's trying to accomplish on each horse.

  • Distance Between Your Hands

    Episode 14

    How much distance do you need between your hands and why? Clay O'Brien Cooper explains how the balance between his hands affects his roping.

  • The Heeler's Grip

    Episode 15

    The way the heeler holds the rope in his or her hand affects the ability to swing fast and hard and control the tip.

  • Measuring, Swinging and Feeding Your Rope

    Episode 16

    Jake Barnes explains how a newer roper can measure out their spoke and loop and how to feed their rope.

  • Heeling Theory 

    Episode 17

    American Champ Ryan Motes explains his theories on heeling and competition to Key Card members at the 2022 US Finals.

  • Tip Control

    Episode 18

  • The Bottom Strand

    Episode 19

    The key to a heel loop that catches two feet is the delivery of the bottom strand. Clay O'Brien Cooper explains the importance of using the bottom strand of your rope.

  • Heeling Practice on the Sawhorse- How and Why

    Episode 20

    Heeling the sawhorse has been a part of Clay O'Brien Cooper's regime for years. In this video, Clay explains how to rope the sawhorse and why it's so important.

  • How To Get Your Bottom Strand On The Ground [CC]

    Episode 21

  • A Heeler's Rein Length

    Episode 22

    The difference between the tension on the left and right rein can affect the way a heel horse works through the corner. Seven-time World Champion Clay O'Brien Cooper talks about how he balances the feel in the bridle reins on each horse

  • Tip At The Target Going Down The Pen

    Episode 23

    Lock in your target early in your run. This can help you be ready to throw fast, even though you can track up if needed. Swinging at your target is key to staying focused.

  • How To Avoid Missing The Left Leg [CC]

    Episode 24