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Unlock the secrets of successful heading in team roping with our exclusive collection of instructional videos. Featuring a lineup of coaches including Trevor Brazile, Miles Baker, Jake Barnes, Matt Sherwood, Rhen Richard, Tate Kirchenschlager, Dakota Kirchenschalger and more, this comprehensive video library is your ticket to mastering the essential skills and strategies required to elevate your heading game.

Our Heading Fundamentals Video Collection offers in-depth insights into the art of heading, catering to ropers of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation of scoring, riding and roping or an experienced roper aiming to learn to reach or train head horses, our videos provide invaluable guidance to up your team roping game.

Key Highlights of Our Heading Fundamentals Video Collection:
1. Elite Coaching Team: Learn from a stellar roster of team roping experts, including world champions and seasoned horse trainers, who share their vast knowledge and years of experience.
2.Fundamental Building Blocks: Gain a firm grasp of the core principles like rope handling and swing mechanics that underpin successful heading, as well as horsemanship to positioning and timing.
3.Step-by-Step Instruction: Our videos break down complex skills into manageable, easy-to-follow steps, ensuring you can learn at your own pace.
4.Proven Strategies: Discover the practice strategies and tactics that the pros use to consistently teach students at roping clinics.
5.Teamwork and Communication: Explore the critical aspects of teamwork and communication between headers and heelers, vital for success in team roping.
6.Practice Drills: Access a variety of practice drills and exercises to help you hone your skills and build muscle memory both behind a roping machine or roping dummy and on live cattle.

Whether you aspire to compete at the highest levels of team roping or simply want to enjoy weekends in the practice pen, our Heading Fundamentals Video Collection is your ultimate resource for heading success. With the guidance of renowned coaches like Trevor Brazile, Miles Baker, Jake Barnes, Matt Sherwood, Rhen Richard, Tate Kirchenschlager and more, you'll be well on your way to better roping.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your team roping skills to the next level. Start your journey toward heading mastery today and experience the satisfaction of achieving your roping goals with our comprehensive video collection.

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  • Developing a Corner on Young Head Horses

    Episode 1

    Making a willing young horse solid involves riding your horse under your swing and keeping him moving forward through the corner. Miles Baker talks through building forgiveness into his program to keep his young horses liking their jobs.

  • When to Throw with Confidence

    Episode 2

    Feeling like you missed your best shot happens to everyone, and it's just a matter of confidence. Trevor Brazile addresses how timing in a run affects your ability to throw confidently

  • Breakover

    Episode 3

    Keeping spring in your arm to keep your breakover outside the right horn. 

  • Why Ropers Miss Slow Cattle

    Episode 4

    There are two reasons ropers miss slow cattle, and in this video, Jake Barnes addresses these reasons and how to fix them.

  • Roping Fundamentals: Power in the Swing

    Episode 5

    How do you add speed and power to your swing? Trevor Brazile talks about arm and body position to provide speed and strength in the swing. 

  • The First Swing in Jackpot Mode

    Episode 6

    The way you leave the box and get your first swing up dictates your ability to easily rope the cow.

  • Nick Sartain’s Best-in-Class First Swing

    Episode 7

    World Champion Nick Sartain explains the relationship between the setup and your first swing. He identifies a common problem experienced by many ropers and how to get your swing to match your roping.

  • Keeping your Bottom Strand Low and Slowing Down

    Episode 8

  • Having a Balanced Loop if you Don’t Feed Your Rope

    Episode 9

    A lot of ropers don't feed their rope. But if you don't feed, you have to have a balanced loop. Three-time World Champion Clay Tryan discusses how to accomplish that balance and defines what it looks like.

  • Deliberate Swings in Short Arenas

    Episode 10

    The arena at the South Point Equestrian Center can force ropers into a speed trap if they're not careful. Trevor Brazile explains how deliberate swings can eliminate that problem, resulting in faster, more consistent catches for big money at the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale.

  • Heading Swing Fix

    Episode 11

    Trevor Brazile noticed something in Miles Baker's heading swing that needed an adjustment. That change helped Baker win the Prairie Circuit Finals, place at winter rodeos and win at futurities. Here's what they changed and why.

  • Beginner | How to Feed The Rope

    Episode 12

    Jake Barnes explains what feeding the head rope means, demonstrates how to feed the head rope and how to avoid figure-eighting the head loop.

  • Tension Between Your Hands

    Episode 13

    The tension you keep between your left and right hands has a lot to do with your tip control and your delivery. In this video, Jake Barnes talks about how to determine the right amount of tension between your hands when heading.

  • How To Avoid Figure Eighting Your Rope 

    Episode 14

    Jake Barnes talks through how to avoid figure-eighting your rope when trying to throw fast.

  • The Header's Swing

    Episode 15

    Are you getting a figure-8 in your swing? Here's how to hold and swing the team rope correctly to avoid a figure-8 in your loop.

  • Jackpot Mode vs Day-Money First Swing

    Episode 16

  • The Header's Swing with Cody Snow

    Episode 17

    Cody Snow explains where he finds power in his swing. 

  • Directing Your Head Horse with Your Swing

    Episode 18

    Opening up your head swing dictates your horse's action and gives you more coverage. JD Yates explains how to open up you head swing for more coverage and to help your horse understand their job.

  • Finishing a Throw when You’re too Close

    Episode 19

    The closer you are too a steer, the more you have to finish your throw across the horns. Clay Tryan teaches a drill to carry the top strand across the horns on the heading dummy.

  • Feeding Your First Swing

    Episode 20

    Feeding your rope correctly helps you speed up your first swing and ultimately your run. NFR header Coleman Proctor explains why and how.

  • Dustin Equsquiza's Swing Angles

    Episode 21

    In team roping, finding the perfect head swing angle can make all the difference between a winning run and a missed opportunity. In this video brought to you by Lone Star Ropes, Egusquiza explains how he adjusts this head swing angle. “A coil back or further, I’m going to rope both my horns at th...

  • Finishing Your Throw Across the Horns

    Episode 22

    Clay Tryan explains finishing delivery across both horns—especially when you're riding close—on a dummy with the help of a student.

  • Splitting Horns

    Episode 23

  • Heading Delivery

    Episode 24

    How to deliver a head rope in team roping, including the importance of hand position throughout the throw.