Dakota Kirchenschlager

Dakota Kirchenschlager

4 Seasons

Dakota Kirchenschlager, hailing from Whitesboro, Texas, is a highly regarded team roper and rope horse trainer. With an impressive track record including three-time qualification for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) and earning the title of 2011 Resistol Team Roping Rookie Heeler of the Year, Kirchenschlager has established himself as a prominent figure in the rodeo circuit and futurity pens.

Making his debut at the NFR at just 21 years old in 2012, Kirchenschlager's expertise extends beyond the arena. As the founder of DK Performance Horses, he blends insights gathered from reiners, reined cow horse trainers, and fellow ropers. His training philosophy places a strong emphasis on ensuring horses remain responsive and genuinely enjoy their work.

For those seeking top-tier instruction in team roping or rope horse training, Dakota Kirchenschlager offers unparalleled expertise and a proven record of success.

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Dakota Kirchenschlager
  • Brad Lund & Dakota Kirchenschlager's Bridle Masterclass

    Episode 1

    Brad Lund & Dakota Kirchenschlager talk through their collection of working bridles, describing the differences between shank bits, solid bits, chain bits and ports. They also talk about preferences in headgear and tie-downs.

  • Green Head & Heel Horse Training Runs

    Episode 2

    Dakota Kirchenschlager and Brad Lund talk ropers through an entire practice session on green horses, including addressing tightness in a heel horse and overbridling in an ex-reiner on the head side. 

  • Developing Collection Through the Run

    Episode 3

    On this Metallic Cat mare, Dakota Kirchenschlager addresses her tendency to get strung out through the corner and shows how keeping her framed up can help her develop a better stop.

  • Smoothing Out Your Heel Horse’s Stop

    Episode 4

    Dakota Kirchenschlager built his career on riding heel horses with BIG stops. In this full practice session on a 4-year-old Once In A Blue Boon gelding, Kirchenschlager ropes a pen of steers to keep his horse's front feet peddling, smoothing out the horse's stop.

  • The Rule of Three

    Episode 5

    Horseman Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager learned the wisdom of "The Rule of Threes" from some legendary horsemen. They talk about their three-day-at-a-time approach to training and how they implement it. 

  • Managing a Hotter-Minded Head Horse Prospect

    Episode 6

    ARHFA World Champion Dakota Kirchenschlager rides horses in his own program as well as outside horses, and in this video Kirchenschlager is breakawaying on a 4-year-old head-horse prospect with a lot of run and a lot of try. He talks through how to manage that in a full practice session.

  • Teaching Smooth Scoring

    Episode 7

    In this quick tip, Dakota Kirchenschlager and Brad Lund describe how they work horses in the box to use minimal pressure for maximum results in the corner. 

  • Tying to the Right Fence: A Roper's Desensitization Method

    Episode 8

    Dakota Kirchenschlager leaves dozens of horses tied to the fence all around his arena, with plenty tied right along the right fence, too. His method allows him to desensitize those horses while testing the attention span of the ones he's riding. 

  • Dialing Back a Strong, Talented Young Horse

    Episode 9

  • Dialing Back Down Aggressive Green Horses | Practice Session

    Episode 10

    Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager both ride "over-achieving" young horses who need their intensity dialed back down, be it in the run or in the box. In this video, they talk through their approach to an entire practice session, complete with live runs and box work.