Cesar De La Cruz

Cesar De La Cruz

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Cesar De La Cruz, a prominent figure in team roping, has made significant contributions to the sport through his exceptional skill and innovative techniques. Believing that the heel loop is not thrown but rather strategically placed, De La Cruz demonstrates finesse and precision in his roping method, delicately maneuvering the loop to its target with fingertip control. Alongside his brother, he developed a specialized dummy, dubbed "Clifford Franklin," tailored for the unique challenges of the National Finals Rodeo. With a focus on mastering timing and loop placement, De La Cruz shares insights into his practice routines for both traditional roping and goat roping, showcasing his dedication to honing his craft. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of horsemanship in his training regimen, prioritizing responsiveness and mental sharpness in his heel horses. Utilizing a heeling donkey as a foundation-building tool, De La Cruz ensures his horses are well-prepared for the rigors of live cattle roping. Collaborating with his wife, former CNFR Heading Champion Arena De La Cruz, he navigates the intricacies of roping while balancing family life, exemplifying the dedication and passion that define his career. Together, the De La Cruz family shares their love for the sport, practicing together in Casa Grande, Arizona, and imparting valuable insights into the art of team roping.

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Cesar De La Cruz
  • Goat Roping 101

    Episode 1

    The goal of goat roping is to master timing and loop placement, and in this video, Cesar de la Cruz explains his goat-roping practice routine.

  • Goat Roping Masterclass

    Episode 2

    Cesar de la Cruz works on heeling his pygmy goat, Oreo, to master tough heel shots.

  • Heel Horse Training on the Donkey with a Header

    Episode 3

    Cesar de la Cruz taps his wife—CNFR Champion Arena de la Cruz—to turn his heeling donkey for him to work on a green heel horse.

  • Heel Horse Training on the Donkey

    Episode 4

    Cesar de la Cruz trains his heel horses behind a heeling donkey to build their foundation and keep their mental game sharp. His heel horses learn to enjoy the heeling donkey before they get the high-pressure of live cattle.

  • Ground Donkey Work

    Episode 5

    Cesar de la Cruz uses his donkey on the ground to work on his heel loops.