Breakaway Swing & Delivery

Breakaway Swing & Delivery

Achieve a balanced and effective swing to improve your chances of making precise catches during breakaway roping runs. These videos offer insights into refining your swing for quick and efficient catches.
Explore the mechanics of loop delivery for breakaway roping, honing your ability to release the loop accurately and efficiently.

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Breakaway Swing & Delivery
  • Correcting a Young Horse for Running Through Your Throw

    Linsay Sumpter demonstrates how she corrects a green horse running through her throw in the breakaway roping.

  • Loop, Spoke and Coil Size

    A balanced loop is critical to catching in breakaway roping. Lari Dee Guy explains in detail how she achieves it—from the loop size to coil size and spoke length. 

  • Breakaway Roper's Delivery

    The delivery is just a continuation of your swing. This means that your body should be in an athletic position and you should deliver from the top of your swing. Lari Dee Guy shares these and other thoughts on the delivery.

  • Linsay Sumpter Practice Sesh Delivering with Pinky Down

    Linsay Sumpter and Erin Johnson break down how Sumpter delivers her breakaway rope with her pinky down and what delivering with your pinky down does to your rope.

  • Finding the Calf with Your Rope

    WPRA World Champion Hope Thompson talks through what she means by finding your calf with your rope and how that can address scoring issues, and she demonstrates the drill she does to achieve that.

  • Why Am I Roping My Calf Around the Eyes?

    Lari Dee Guy explains the common reasons breakaway ropers rope their calves around the horns instead of around the neck. 

  • Momentum on the Breakaway Delivery

    How do you create and maintain momentum on your breakaway rope? Lari Dee Guy demonstrates.

  • Reaching

    What are the key factors in reaching at a calf while breakaway roping? Lari Dee Guy demonstrates and talks about common problems in reaching.

  • Target

    The breakaway roper's target is different than that of the header. In this video, Lari Dee Guy explains where she's focusing.

  • The First Swing to the Last Swing

    Martha Angelone's first swing is one of her keys to wicked fast runs. She breaks down precisely how she brings her first swing up and sets herself up to deliver quickly, then how she launches her last swing to the target for high-percentage catches.

  • When People Say You Dropped Your Elbow

    Cadee Williams discusses what it means whenever somebody says that you "dropped your elbow," in breakaway roping and how to remedy the problem in her exclusive pre-NFBR practice series.

  • Building a Correctly Sized Loop

    NFBR aggregate champion Cadee Williams explains how she controls her top and bottom strand when breakaway roping versus heading in the team roping. She also works through her measurements for spoke length, loop size and more to help create a balanced and snappy loop.

  • Turning Your Rope and Delivering on Target

    Cadee Williams has her own swinging style—a hybrid between traditional heading and breakaway loops. She explains what this looks like, how she turns her rope over and the key to delivering straight to your target.

  • First Swing Secrets

    Cadee Williams knows how to throw FAST. She shares her secrets to bringing her first swing up and covering the most area in order to achieve high-percentage catching shots right out of the box. She discusses her angles, arm position and more on the ground. 

  • Small Roping Tweaks with Big Results

    NFBR qualifier Cadee Williams discusses how she selects and sets up her breakaway rope. She also outlines her best practices for roping the dummy on the ground in order to set herself up for success in live runs. She discusses how minor changes in her roping have paid off in big ways in the arena. 

  • The Ideal Delivery

    What makes a good delivery? Lari Dee Guy explains what an idea delivery looks like, keeping your shoulders square and up and using the momentum of the rope.

  • How to Get a Good Curl

    Every breakaway roper loves a good curl when they deliver their rope. Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson explain what keeps you from getting the figure eight.

  • Breakaway Roper's Swing

    There are four blades to the swing, just as there are blades on a propeller. The blades are the tip, and the motor in the middle is your arm, doing the same motions quickly, but the blades take longer to come around. You have to have speed and strength in your arm and shoulder, just like a motor,...

  • Being Ahead with Your Rope

    In the breakaway roping, the rope needs to pop off the saddle horn FAST. If we get caught riding too close to the calf, the time doesn't end as quickly. Over-riding a free horse is a common problem in breakaway roping, causing a roper to lose focus on their swing and using their rope. Staying ahe...

  • 5 Key Elements of Successful Breakaway Roping: Power

    You put power on your swing by pulling your rope behind your head. Linsay Sumpter breaks down how to swing your breakaway rope for success.

  • Tip Direction and Angle

    Kelsie Chace-Domer has a unique ability to keep her rope high leaving the corner. Lari Dee Guy and Chace-Domer discuss how that affects her catch percentages and how she uses her horse to help her get her swing up.

  • Where Do You Hold Your Rope in the Box?

    Breakaway ropers have to throw FAST, so how they start their rope in the box matters. Lari Dee Guy and Kelsie Chace-Domer talk about the different ways ladies start in the box and how they start their swings from the corner to get the most power and momentum.

  • The First Swing

    JJ Hampton's first swing leaving the box in the breakaway roping sets her apart. In this video, JJ and Lari Dee Guy analyze the physics behind it.

  • Smarty Roping lesson with Shelby Boisjoli

    NFBR qualifier Shelby Boisjoli breaks down these ropers' loops at the Smarty Young Pro clinic. She works through fundamentals of the swing, loop size, the delivery and more.