Breakaway Mental Game

Breakaway Mental Game

Develop a winning mentality with our mental game videos. These videos help you hone your mental focus, resilience and confidence for improved roping performance.

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Breakaway Mental Game
  • What Sets Josie Conner Apart

    Josie Conner is perhaps the best jackpotter in breakaway roping in 2021. She and Lari Dee Guy discuss what the keys to her success have been.

  • Creating Confidence in a Young Breakaway Roper

    Each roper needs a different approach to their mental game. Here's how Otero Junior College Coach Linsay Sumpter approaches her students' mental strategy.

  • Polo v Breakaway Mental Strategy

    Although it seems like polo and breakaway roping have nothing in common, they both take a great deal of mental strategy. Madison talks about the similarities and differences in the mental game with polo and breakaway roping. 

  • Pre-Competition Mental Preparedness

    Having a pre-competition routine can help with your mental preparedness. Madison Outhier shares her routine and explains how it helps keep her sharp.

  • Youth Situations Vs. ProRodeos

    Different competitions can give you different stress levels. Madison Outhier talks about which events are more stressful for her and how she manages that stress.

  • Goal Setting in Breakaway Roping

    Knowing your goals can help you be better prepared. Madison Outhier explains how she sets a goal, then works backwards to make sure that all her practice and preparation helps her get closer to that goal.

  • The 2021 NFBR Game Plan

    One of the newest coaches at Erin Johnson has her game plan locked and loaded for the National Finals of Breakaway Roping.

  • Lessons Learned from 2020 NFBR

  • The Inaugural NFBR Experience

    Two-time National Finals of Breakaway Roping qualifier Erin Johnson expresses the first-time feeling when backing in the box at the inaugural NFBR in 2020.

  • Trials and Tribulations from the Pro Rodeo Road

    Erin Johnson explains what she and Bethanie Shofner learned while traveling to rodeos in the 2021 Pro Rodeo season.

  • Getting Support

    Having a good support system can help you balance your goals and expectations. Madison Outhier talks about her support system and how she uses it to help her after a tough competition.

  • Conquering the Pressure to be Fast

    It's important to be fast, but don't let the pressure get to your head. Madison Outhier shares how she manages the pressure to be fast when competing at bigger events.

  • The Breakaway Roper's Job

    What is the breakaway roper's actual job? Kelsie Chace-Domer and Lari Dee Guy talk about executing.

  • Working Multiple Events

    What advice to the best breakaway ropers and headers and heelers in the world have for young girls working multiple events? Lari Dee Guy and Kelsie Chace-Domer talk about how to manage your swing and your horses across multiple events.

  • Staying Sharp on the Road Without Practice

    Lari Dee Guy and Kelsie Chace are still adjusting to life on the rodeo road. Here's how they battle the mental struggles of ProRodeo without the kind of practice they're used to at home.

  • Focusing on Your Job No Matter What Your Horse is Doing

    While some ropers are horse trainers first, JJ Hampton is a breakaway roper first and foremost. So she can make a run with her horse in a less-than-ideal spot in the box than most. Her focus is key, and Lari Dee Guy and JJ break that down.

  • Opportunities from College Rodeo

    College rodeoing is more than just going to rodeos. Erin Johnson explains the opportunities that college rodeoing has provided her.

  • Life Happens:

    Erin Johnson has had her fair share of and downs. Johnson explains tragedies that has happened in her life and how she has overcome them.

  • CNFR Arena Record Holder

    Bethanie Shofner tied the new College National Finals Rodeo arena record in the breakaway roping in 2021 and she shares how she got that done physically and mentally.

  • Overcoming a Mental Block

    The mind is a tricky thing and mental blocks happen all the time. Bethanie Shofner has had her fair share of overcoming mental blocks and is here to share how she does so.

  • Importance of Getting a College Degree

    College is important. Bethanie Shofner explains why obtaining a college degree as a roper is important.

  • Having a Mentor

    Having someone to look up to and help you excel in and out of the arena is crucial. Bethanie Shofner shares the benefits of having mentor.

  • Behind the Scenes: Lari Dee Guy and Pressure in Practice

    In this outtake, Lari Dee Guy explains how the pressure of having cameras recording her practice session really ups the intensity and challenges her mental game.