Breakaway Gear

Breakaway Gear

Stay informed about the best breakaway ropes and equipment for breakaway roping. Our videos offer insights into selecting, using and maintaining gear to optimize your roping experience.

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Breakaway Gear
  • Lari Dee's Randy Reid Bit

    When it comes to bits, one of Lari Dee Guy's go-tos is a Randy Reid. Lari Dee prefers her Randy Reid because it's universal and can be used in any situation on any horse young and old.

  • Rope Progression in Shoulder Rehab

    Lari Dee explains the different ropes she progressed through during shoulder rehab to get back to fu

  • The Difference Between a Practice Rope and Rodeo Rope

  • Saddle Fit and Gear for a Breakaway Horse

    Linsay Sumpter explains how she saddles her breakaway horses and how her saddle and tack should fit.

  • Taking the Tie-Down Off: When It Works and When It Doesn't

    Should you try to rope without a tie-down? Here's when WPRA World Champion Lari Dee Guy takes it off and why.

  • Understanding Breakaway Bits

    Linsay Sumpter talks through the bit selection she keeps for her breakaway horses and how she applies each bit to each type of horse.

  • Understanding Types of Tie-Downs and When to Use Them

    Most breakaway ropers compete in a tie-down, and Linsay Sumpter talks through each type of tie-down and when and how she uses them.

  • Splint Boots and How to Use Them

    Splint boots can keep your horse safe and sound through a practice session or competition. Here's the best way to put splint boots on to maximize support and safety.

  • Make Sure Your Cinches are Tight

    Having a loose cinch can be dangerous in numerous ways. Linsay Sumpter explains why making sure your cinch is tight is important.

  • Setting up Practice and Competition Ropes

    Martha Angelone gives viewers a peek inside her roping bag. She shares what her must-have tools are. Angelone explains how she sets up her competition ropes, including how she cuts and ties the end of her rope to break away safely and quickly. She also describes how she sets up her practice ropes...

  • Small Roping Tweaks with Big Results

    NFBR qualifier Cadee Williams discusses how she selects and sets up her breakaway rope. She also outlines her best practices for roping the dummy on the ground in order to set herself up for success in live runs. She discusses how minor changes in her roping have paid off in big ways in the arena. 

  • Bits for Breakaway Horses at all Stages of Training

    Sarah and Martha Angelone pull out their favorite bits at each stage of the training process and break down what makes each bit work for their various horses in breakaway and team roping. 

  • Breakaway and Calf Roping Bits

    Justin Mass goes through his favorite bits for starting colts and moving them up. He explains his preferences for port and shank size along with which horses the bits help. He also brings out his "Come to Jesus" mouthpiece for harder-mouthed horses.