Wesley Thorp

Wesley Thorp

3 Seasons

Learn from world champion heeler, Wesley Thorp on Roping.com.

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Wesley Thorp
  • Using Your Left Hand in the Delivery

    Episode 1

    How should you use your left hand as you deliver your rope? Wesley Thorp and Hunter Koch demonstrate and explain. 

  • Position Leaving the Box

    Episode 2

    Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp set their run up leaving the box to maximize their catch percentages. In this video, they both talk about how they leave the box to set their runs up for success

  • HEELING: Distance Between Your Hands

    Episode 3

    How much distance does World Champion Wesley Thorp need to keep between his hands? 

  • Rein Length

    Episode 4

    How tight should your reins be when you're heeling? Hunter Koch and Wesley Thorp demonstrate. 

  • Allowing Your Horse to Lock on and Relax

    Episode 5

    Wesley Thorp talks through some runs on a young horse and how he expects him to track across the pen. 

  • Expectations on the Haze

    Episode 6

    What does Cody Snow expect from Wesley Thorp in the haze? They describe it here. 

  • Weight In Your Stirrups

    Episode 7

    Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp keep control of their horses and their bodies by keeping their feet balanced in their stirrups. 

  • The First Run of the Day

    Episode 8

    Wesley Thorp talks about his expectations and plan for the first run of the day.