Training Sessions with Breakaway Ropers Headed to Vegas

Training Sessions with Breakaway Ropers Headed to Vegas

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Train with our SEVEN coaches who will be heading to Vegas for the 2023 NFBR!

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Training Sessions with Breakaway Ropers Headed to Vegas
  • Lessons Learned from 2020 NFBR

    Episode 1

  • The 2021 NFBR Game Plan

    Episode 2

    One of the newest coaches at Erin Johnson has her game plan locked and loaded for the National Finals of Breakaway Roping.

  • The Inaugural NFBR Experience

    Episode 3

    Two-time National Finals of Breakaway Roping qualifier Erin Johnson expresses the first-time feeling when backing in the box at the inaugural NFBR in 2020.

  • Changing the Game Plan After Missing Your Throw

    Episode 4

    Sometimes the game plan doesn't always work out. Erin Johnson explains how to change up your game plan in the practice pen after missing a throw to make a rodeo run to make the most out of your practice.

  • Trials and Tribulations from the Pro Rodeo Road

    Episode 5

    Erin Johnson explains what she and Bethanie Shofner learned while traveling to rodeos in the 2021 Pro Rodeo season.

  • Erin Johnson Biography

    Episode 6

    NFR Qualifier and three-time World Champion Breakaway Roper Erin Johnson offers a candid look at not just the rodeo road, but also life and tragic loss. Hers is a tale of rising from the ashes but, for some viewers, may be hard to watch as she tackles the topic of motherhood and the devastation o...

  • How to Tie Your Rodeo Rope to Your Saddle Horn

    Episode 7

    Erin Johnson shows breakaway ropers how to tie their rodeo rope on to their saddle horn for competition.

  • Buddy System: Using a Friend to Help Tie Your Breakaway Rope to Your Saddle Horn

    Episode 8

    Tying your rodeo rope on to your saddle horn can be challenging. Erin Johnson, with the help of Linsay Sumpter, demonstrates how to use a friend to securely tie on your rope.

  • Western Attire

    Episode 9

    Looking sharp is key. Linsay Sumpter and Erin Johnson share the different types of western attire breakaway ropers should wear when competing.

  • Erin Johnson | Full Practice Session

    Episode 10

    Erin Johnson is a three-time WPRA World Champion and the first-ever RodeoHouston Breakaway Roping Champion. And this is how she practices.

  • Bethanie Shofner’s Second-Ever Practice Session on Bubba

    Episode 11

    Roping on a new horse can be intimidating, but Bethanie Shofner makes it look easy. Being her second time to ever rope on Erin Johnson's horse Bubba, Erin and Linsay Sumpter break down Bethanie's practice session.

  • Linsay Sumpter Practice Sesh Delivering with Pinky Down

    Episode 12

    Linsay Sumpter and Erin Johnson break down how Sumpter delivers her breakaway rope with her pinky down and what delivering with your pinky down does to your rope.

  • Real Talk: Erin Johnson Biography

    Episode 13

    In this video, WPRA World Champion Erin Johnson shares some of her biggest wins and her greatest losses in breakaway and beyond.

  • The Reason People Rope Legs

    Episode 14

    Roping a leg in breakaway roping will cost you at an event. Erin Johnson and Linsay Sumpter discuss how breakaway ropers rope legs.

  • Fixing Roping After being on the Road

    Episode 15

    ProRodeoing full-time means breakaway ropers don't practice as much as they used to while on the road. Erin Johnson explains what she is working on now that she's home from the rodeo road.

  • Horse Fitness: Keeping Your Horse Physically Fit on the Road

    Episode 16

    Hauling from rodeo to rodeo can be strenuous on a horse. Linsay Sumpter and Erin Johnson explain the importance of keeping your horse fit while on the road.

  • How to Encourage a Horse to Finish in their Stop

    Episode 17

    Everyone loves watching a breakaway horse slide to a stop. Erin Johnson and Linsay Sumpter explain how Sumpter sets up her horse to encourage them to finish their stop.

  • Roping in the V

    Episode 18

    Erin Johnson and Linsay Sumpter explain what roping in the V is and how to keep your horse straight behind the calf when doing so.

  • Erin Johnson: Practicing Fundamentally Correct for your Horse

    Episode 19

    Erin Johnson explains roping fundamentally correct for your horse helps create good habits for you and your horse.

  • Making a Plan at a Rodeo

    Episode 20

    Erin Johnson and Linsay Sumpter discuss making a plan at the rodeo, beginning with the start of your run.

  • Practice with a Purpose

    Episode 21

    You practice for a reason. Erin Johnson and Linsay Sumpter explain why ropers should go into a practice session with a purpose in mind to get the most out of your practice.

  • Reading Cattle with Erin Johnson

    Episode 22

    Reading cattle comes with experience. Erin Johnson explains how to read cattle when you don't know exactly what the calf you draw at the jackpot or rodeo might be like.

  • Erin Johnson: Scoring

    Episode 23

    The start in a breakaway roping run is critical. That is why scoring is something breakaway ropers should work on in the practice pen. Erin Johnson breaks down how to score a breakaway roping horse.

  • Opportunities from College Rodeo

    Episode 24

    College rodeoing is more than just going to rodeos. Erin Johnson explains the opportunities that college rodeoing has provided her.