Tie-Down Tying

Tie-Down Tying

Learn the proper techniques for tying calves securely and efficiently. Our videos provide step-by-step instruction to help you master this essential aspect of calf roping.

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Tie-Down Tying
  • One Wrap or Two?

    How do the pros decide when to use one wrap on their tie, or two when there's only seconds to determine it during a run? World Champion Shad Mayfield explains what a hooey is, when he decides to risk it and use just one wrap on his tie and when he plays it safe in this instructional video.

  • Misstringing with Shad Mayfield

    Misstringing can break a great tie-down run in the final moments. World champion Shad Mayfield explains the smoothest way to string your calf before the tie, how to hold the piggin string and ways to avoid misstringing in the tie-down roping.

  • Tying 101 with Shad Mayfield

    In this video, world champion tie-down roper, Shad Mayfield, explains the basic methods for tying a calf down in tie-down roping. He breaks down how to use the piggin string correctly, what a "hooey" is, and when to use one wrap versus two. Mayfield also explains the proper way to use your knees ...

  • Flanking and Tying 101

    Justin Maass coaches a student through flanking and tying a calf with the goal of ease and speed. He goes step-by-step, using leverage and momentum to flank the calf using his shoulders, back and legs. Maass explains how he can flank calves at the maximum size his body can manage using this techn...