Tie-Down Practice Sessions

Tie-Down Practice Sessions

Watch the best calf ropers in the world practice at their home arenas, so you too can practice with a purpose.

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Tie-Down Practice Sessions
  • Calf Practice with Shad Mayfield

    Shad Mayfield shares his practice routine for running down the rope, flanking, and tying a live calf in the pen. Learn the easiest way to flank a calf, regardless of your size, as Shad demonstrates the entire process.

  • Caleb Smidt Makes Practice Runs

    Get an inside look on 2022  World Champion Caleb Smidt's practice time, including what he looks for in his horses as he works. He talks through adjusting his jerk line to get the most out of his practice horse, Old Yeller, and give his reasoning on whipping a horse down the arena.

  • Practice Session - Green Calf Horse

    Justin Maass talks through his own practice on a green horse with fast cattle, highlighting what the horse was doing right and what it still needed to improve on. He talks about how to manage little mistakes during a run and how important it is to keep moving.

  • Full Practice Session on 4-Year-Old Bet Hesa Cat Gelding

    Watch a full practice session with Logan Harkey on Bet Hesa Cat gelding.

  • Practice Session - Strong Calf Horse

    Justin Maass commentates a practice session with a strong horse, discussing how the rider scored, go