Tie-Down Mental Game

Tie-Down Mental Game

Develop a winning mentality with our mental game videos. These videos help you hone your mental focus, resilience, and confidence for improved roping performance.

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Tie-Down Mental Game
  • The Importance of a Positive Mental Game

    Justin Maass discusses the importance of focusing on what NEEDS to happen instead of what DOESN'T need to happen. He breaks down how having a positive attitude and the correct mechanics give competitors the best chance at success, and how to reset after a slump.

  • Battling Out of a Slump

    2022  World Champion Caleb Smidt keeps a "clean slate" mentality when it comes to getting out of a slump, focusing on the task at hand instead of what's happened in the past.

  • The Best Practice Horse in the Game

    Caleb Smidt highlights a horse that made him and one that often doesn't see the limelight. "Old Yeller" is a solid citizen through and through, often giving Smidt 20 or 30 runs in a practice session with little scoring. Some of Old Yeller's strengths include stopping hard and boosting Smidt's con...