Tie-Down Horsemanship

Tie-Down Horsemanship

Enhance your horsemanship skills, crucial for effective calf roping. Discover how to control your horse with finesse, responsiveness and precision during tie-down roping runs.

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Tie-Down Horsemanship
  • Animal Protection

    Shad Mayfield goes over how he protects his calves while practicing in the arena. He demonstrates the proper technique for positioning the calf's leg while tying, emphasizing measures to protect the calf throughout the process.

  • Calf Care

    Justin Mass delves into what he does to keep his stock in top shape. He explains where the calves come from and how ropers' management of young cattle support the American beef supply chain.

  • Logging a Calf Horse

    2022  World Champion Caleb Smidt explains how he sets up his logging sessions for success, from where he is in the arena to how he sharpens his horses' cues. He shows how to get horses to commit to backing and gives his tips on getting a horse to relax at the end of the rope.

  • Teaching a Horse to Work the Rope with Two Ropes

    When teaching a calf horse how to work the rope, Logan Harkey finds success in using two ropes. In this video, Harkey explains how using a rope on each side of a green horse prepares him for a live calf.

  • Keys to Starting Green Horses out of the Box

    Logan Harkey wants a calf horse to stand relaxed and at attention in the box. In this video, he explains what he does in the practice pen to get green horses prepared.

  • Understanding Rope Tucks

    Justin Maass does some troubleshooting with rope tucks, explaining how riders can adjust them on everything from feely horses to horses that won't back up well.

  • Pen Roping on a Calf Horse

    Justin Maass talks through rating and stopping on a young horse in the pen. He discusses how he tries to keep his horses willing and how he guides them without too much stress.

  • Tie-Down Roper's Left Hand

    2022 World Champion Caleb Smidt talks through how he positions a horse with his left hand in certain situations, and why the left hand is so important in setting a run up for success. He covers common mistakes that come with going on autopilot with the left hand and what ropers can do to stay in-...

  • Justin Maass' Cattle Mugging Technique for Smaller Ropers

    Justin Maass explains how smaller cowboys can get calves down safely and efficiently using a four-step process. The wilder the calf the better, he says, as long as they can be kept close to the roper's body. He also shows how ropers can use a combination of the nosing technique with flanking.

  • Understanding the Mechanics of the Horse

    On a 4-year-old Bet Hesa Cat gelding, Logan Harkey explains how to understand the way the horse's body works to maximize his abilities and eliminate over-working in a calf horse. Harkey spends most of the video explaining the horse's feel and movement while loping circles and keeping the horse so...

  • Scored Components in the Calf Roping and Keys to Training a Solid Foundation

    Logan Harkey focuses on going slow when training calf horses because of the nature of horse shows and futurities. In this video, Harkey explains how and why he trains horses the way he does to ensure they do their job with no fear.