Tie-Down Dummy Drills

Tie-Down Dummy Drills

Perfect your roping accuracy and consistency through targeted dummy drills on the Smarty Sidekick or bale of hay. These videos provide step-by-step guidance on practicing your neck-roping technique, enhancing your precision.

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Tie-Down Dummy Drills
  • Calf Roper's Dummy Roping 101

    Justin Maass goes back to the basics of dummy roping, breaking down the top skills ropers need when practicing on the dummy. He explains when his rope breaks over, he wants the eye of the loop targeting the calves' neck and shoulder. He also shares a basic hack that helps him get the loop in the ...

  • Smarty Drills for Calf Roping

    2022  World Champion Caleb Smidt explains where he likes to start roping the Smarty from and why it sets him up for success. He looks for the curl of the loop to come over the Smarty's back, which eliminates a calf running through the loop in practice. He explains how keeping an open swing and lo...

  • Caleb Smidt's SMARTY Practice Hacks

    Caleb Smidt likes to switch things up while roping the Smarty, and explains how roping from odd positions serves him well in the arena.