Tie-Down Box Work & Scoring

Tie-Down Box Work & Scoring

Dive into the intricacies of box work and scoring. Learn how the best ropers in the world prefer their horses to stand in the corner and leave flat, and how they work on their horses at home in their practice pens to master it.

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Tie-Down Box Work & Scoring
  • Keys to Starting Green Horses out of the Box

    Logan Harkey wants a calf horse to stand relaxed and at attention in the box. In this video, he explains what he does in the practice pen to get green horses prepared.

  • Justin Maass's Breakaway Coaching

    Justin Maass coaches his "right hand" Maggie through a breakaway practice, focusing on crisp neck ropes and timing with a four-year-old horse. He discusses the benefits of holding the saddle horn in practice and how it changed Maggies' departure out of the box.

  • Scoring Needs on a Calf Horse

    Justin Maass talks about why scoring is so important when seasoning calf horses. He goes over why horses differ on scoring needs and how he listens to what the horses are telling him. Then, he explains how he likes a horse to leave the box and how some errors can take a roper out of it.

  • Safety Tips, Rein Length and Box Basics

    The tie-down roping has a lot of moving parts, and it can get dangerous fast. Logan Harkey explains the safety measures he takes, how he likes his reins and what he does in the box.