Team Roping Gear

Team Roping Gear

Explore the world of team roping gear with our comprehensive video library—filled with team ropers’ favorites, bits. From ropes and saddles to bits and tie-downs, our expert coaches and ropers provide valuable insights into selecting, using, and caring for your gear. Stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and learn how the right gear can make a significant difference in your roping performance. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, our gear videos are your ultimate resource for making informed choices and optimizing your roping experience.

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Team Roping Gear
  • Bits and Green Horses

    Trevor Brazile doesn't ride the best horses in the business on accident. The 26-time World Champion controls each part of his program, focusing closely on the bit he's using at each stage of the game.

  • Bit Progression

    Justin Briggs discusses how he progresses from riding colts in a halter through to the snaffle and curb bits, as well as discussing the bits he uses when heading and heeling on Rollo.

  • Saddle Fit For The Rider

    Larry Coats knows a thing or two about picking out the perfect saddle. Listen as he discusses how to pick the correct seat size for your saddle.

  • Brazile and Baker's Masterclass on Rope Horse Bits and Bridles

    We take you into Trevor Brazile’s tack room with Brazile and Miles Baker to listen to how they talk to one another about bits and how each uses bits in their program.

  • Joseph Harrison's Bit Master Class

    Joseph Harrison walks us through his go-to bit collection for head and heel horses

  • Ryan Motes' Bit Masterclass 

    Ryan Motes has a bit collection that spans generations and disciplines. In this exclusive video, Motes walks you through his entire bit collection and explains how each bridle affects the horses he rides. He talks about shanks, ports, chains, solid mouthpieces, purchase, curb straps and more.

  • Thoughts on Mechanical Hackamores

    Justin Briggs shares his thoughts on how riders should adjust when using a mechanical hackamore and how this tool is designed to function.

  • Saddle Fit

    Trevor Brazile keeps saddle-fit easy: He sticks to a tree he knows works and switches between two pads depending on the horse's back. In this video, Brazile breaks down how each saddle should fit each horse and explains how he keeps his program simple in that department.

  • Brad Lund & Dakota Kirchenschlager's Bridle Masterclass

    Brad Lund & Dakota Kirchenschlager talk through their collection of working bridles, describing the differences between shank bits, solid bits, chain bits and ports. They also talk about preferences in headgear and tie-downs.

  • Tie-Down or Nah?

    Dustin Egusquiza tries to take the pressure off a nervous young head horse by taking the tie-down off. In this video he explains. 

  • Rein Length

    How tight should your reins be when you're heeling? Hunter Koch and Wesley Thorp demonstrate. 

  • Finding the Right Bit

  • Bits and Tie-Downs on Green Head Horses

    How should your bit and tie-down be adjusted on a young head horse? Miles Baker and Trevor Brazile explain. 

  • Understanding the Hingeport Correction

    A hingeport correction is a common choice for ropers and trainers alike, and the bit can help add flex through the corner. Here's how Brazile uses it.

  • Understanding Correction Bit

    Correction bits have their place in the right hands in the roping pen. Here's how to use them in your program.

  • Roping 101: Basic Saddle Pads & Saddle Fitting

    How should your saddle and pad fit your rope horse? Jake Barnes breaks it down.

  • Jackpot Rope Prep

    Trevor Brazile has won 26 world titles and brings those skills to his partnership with Cactus Ropes. With Cactus' Barry Berg, Brazile has designed his Relentless line of ropes that's ready to go from the first swing.

  • Stirrup Length

    Cody Snow reviews how he likes his stirrups adjusted when heading. 

  • How Much Rubber Does Your Saddle Horn Need?

    How much rubber do you really need on your saddle horn? Kolton Schmidt breaks down this small but critical detail for team roping safety.

  • Rope Maintenance

    How should you prepare your heel rope? Matt Sherwood talks about getting a good stretch on a heel rope and demonstrates how to do it.

  • Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale Prep: Rope Selection

    How should you choose a rope for a big-money situation in Las Vegas at the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale? Clay O'Brien Cooper breaks down how he prepares his ropes in this video.

  • Basic Leg Protection For The Horse

  • Roping 101: Basic Saddle Fit For The Rider

    How should your team roping saddle fit you? Jake Barnes explains.

  • Finding the Right Rope for Beginners

    What kind of rope does a beginning team roper need and why?