Tate Kirchenschlager

Tate Kirchenschlager

2 Seasons

NFR header and ARHFA World Champ Tate Kirchenschlager, of Stephenville, Texas, has a trouble-shooting series plus takes us in his arena for practice sessions on Roping.com.

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Tate Kirchenschlager
  • Practice Session: Transitioning 4-Year-Old by Hashtags from Cow Horse to Heading

    Episode 1

    Tate Kirchenschlager got this 4-year-old Hashtags gelding from World’s Greatest Horseman Champ Kelby Phillips. In this full practice session, Kirchenschlager explains how he ropes on the gelding a few months into his heading training to help him relax and learn the pattern in a team roping run. K...

  • Practice Session: 5-Year-Old Hottish Gelding

    Episode 2

    This gelding just started in the heading after spending two years in a cow horse program, and in this session Kirchenschlager works on keeping the horse’s shoulders up while turning off. He’s working on teaching this horse to have forward momentum through the turn, and he’s limiting the horse’s f...

  • Practice Session: 4-Year-Old Roo Star Gelding

    Episode 3

    In this full practice session, Kirchenschlager explains how he focuses on turning a steer on a gelding with six months of heading training. Kirchenschlager isolates the turn and only focuses on that one element of the run to limit the horse’s forward momentum as he gets a hold of the steer.