Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin

6 Seasons

Stacey Martin’s teaching method breaks the sport into three parts: learning to compete (mental toughness), physical fitness and goat tying. She believes drills and slow work are paramount in developing the muscle memory required to be successful in rodeo. Martin’s students also practice in high-pressure situations such as relays and matches to prepare for competition days. Dismounting is another key aspect of the sport, so Martin helps students improve their horsemanship and work through any issues with their horses.

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Stacey Martin
  • Goat Tying Groundwork- The Approach, Flank, Gather and Tie

    Episode 1

    Stacey Martin walks through the groundwork drills she uses at her Next Level Goat Tying Clinics to work on approaching the goat, flanking, gathering and tying.

  • Goat Tying Practice Session

    Episode 2

    Being ready for any scenario is crucial. In this practice session, Stacey Martin has her girls practice different situations they may run into in the goat tying.

  • Types of Goat Tying Strings

    Episode 3

    Nylon vs. cotton, 2-ply vs. 3-ply- there are so many options out there for goat strings. Stacey Martin discusses which strings she prefers.

  • Body Position in Goat Tying

    Episode 4

    In the goat tying, how you sit on the goat is very important. Stacey Martin demonstrates correct body position when sitting on a goat.

  • Finishing the Tie

    Episode 5

    Finishing the tie is often overlooked. In this video, Stacey Martin addresses a common issue when finishing the tie and how to correctly finish a tie.

  • Three Second Drill

    Episode 6

    The three-second drill prevents goat tyers from moving their right hand faster than their left hand, which cause them to tie their left hand into their string.

  • Water Bottle Drill

    Episode 7

    When you miss your string, you cost yourself too much time. Stacey Martin demonstrates how to do the water bottle drill to make sure you never miss your string.