Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin

6 Seasons

Stacey Martin’s teaching method breaks the sport into three parts: learning to compete (mental toughness), physical fitness and goat tying. She believes drills and slow work are paramount in developing the muscle memory required to be successful in rodeo. Martin’s students also practice in high-pressure situations such as relays and matches to prepare for competition days. Dismounting is another key aspect of the sport, so Martin helps students improve their horsemanship and work through any issues with their horses.

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Stacey Martin
  • Tennis Ball Drill on Live Goats

    Episode 1

    The tennis ball drill can also be used on live goats. Stacey Martin demonstrates how to do the tennis ball drill on live goats to prevent standing up when flanking.

  • Tennis Ball Drill on the Goat Tying Dummy

    Episode 2

    To avoid standing up when flanking, Stacey Martin uses the tennis ball drill. In this video, Stacey shows how to use the tennis ball drill on the goat tying dummy.

  • How to Read a Loose Goat

    Episode 3

    Being able to read a loose goat is essential. Stacey Martin uses this drill to teach students how to read and react to a goat that's running around on the end of the rope.

  • Correct Flanking in the Goat Tying

    Episode 4

    When flanking a goat, you want to make sure the goat lands exactly how you want to tie it. Stacey Martin shows a drill to use to work on flanking a goat correctly.

  • Getting into the Goat Correctly

    Episode 5

    Getting into the goat plays a large role in setting up the run on the ground. Stacey Martin explains how to get into the goat correctly, focusing in this video on grabbing the snap of the rope.

  • Dummy Drills for Getting into the Goat in Every Situation

    Episode 6

    In this video, Stacey Martin walks through different ways to practice on the goat dummy to prepare for any situation.