Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin

6 Seasons

Stacey Martin’s teaching method breaks the sport into three parts: learning to compete (mental toughness), physical fitness and goat tying. She believes drills and slow work are paramount in developing the muscle memory required to be successful in rodeo. Martin’s students also practice in high-pressure situations such as relays and matches to prepare for competition days. Dismounting is another key aspect of the sport, so Martin helps students improve their horsemanship and work through any issues with their horses.

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Stacey Martin
  • The Goat Tying Dismount and Safety Precautions

    Episode 1

    In this video, Stacey Martin walks through how she uses to cones to teach kids about timing in their get offs.

  • Breaking Down the Goat Tying Get Off

    Episode 2

    The goat tying get off takes technique, and in this video, Stacey Martin breaks down how to do it correctly and safely.

  • Using a Jerk Line to Work on a Goat Horse

    Episode 3

    For a goat horse that has a tendency to fade out or accelerate, using a jerk line can fix that. Stacey Martin explains how to use a jerk line to fix these issues.

  • Using the Horse Saver Machine

    Episode 4

    The Horse Saver machine allows goat tyers to learn how to dismount correctly and to make runs without overusing their horses. Stacey Martin demonstrates how to use the Horse Saver.