Shelby Boisjoli

Shelby Boisjoli

3 Seasons

Shelby Boisjoli finished an incredible year of ProRodeo roping as 2023’s Breakaway Roping World Champion, earning $197,706 across 100 rodeos and the NFBR. Learn from the world champ exclusively on!

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Shelby Boisjoli
  • Warm-Up Routine

    Episode 1

    Shelby Boisjoli rides the best breakaway horses in the game, and their warmup routine is a critical part of their success.

  • Shelby Boisjoli | Full Green Horse Practice Session

    Episode 2

    Shelby Boisjoli is a top trainer of breakaway horses and a top competitor, and in this video she gives you a look into her training and practice routine.

  • Finding Your Purpose in the Practice Pen

    Episode 3

    Shelby Boisjoli and Hope Thompson explain how they prepare to score at home, and how they picture their starts at the rodeos.

  • Green Rodeo Breakaway Horse Practice Session

    Episode 4

    Shelby Boisjoli is always looking for the next great horse, and she's always working to make him, too. In this video, Boisjoli talks through an entire practice session on a young breakaway horse that she's got high hopes for in the future.