Shad Mayfield

Shad Mayfield

3 Seasons

Shad “Money” Mayfield gives tie-down training tips you can take to the bank on In his training series, Mayfield breaks down flanking and tying and shares how to avoid common mistakes made on the ground. Members also get access to Mayfield’s rodeo practice runs, filmed in the heat of his $200,000, 2023 season.

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Shad Mayfield
  • Horse Power with Shad Mayfield

    Episode 1

    Shad Mayfield hasn't always had top-notch horsepower. Today, his lineup of calf horses is one of the best in the game. Mayfield explains the horses over his young career and how they've shaped him. He also explains how having good horses showed him how important good horsepower is in this sport.

  • Thomas & Mack Arena Mental Struggles with Shad Mayfield

    Episode 2

    "There's no feeling like being in that place." One of the hurdles in Shad Mayfield's professional tie-down roping career is the National Finals Rodeo—specifically within the walls Thomas & Mack arena in Las Vegas. He discusses what it's taken to advance his mental game and what the real-life pres...

  • Mayfield's Horse "Rampage"

    Episode 3

    Shad Mayfield bought Rampage in 2020 from Wyatt Imus, but they didn’t really click until 2021 after Reno Rodeo. Since then, Rampage has gone from a green, young horse to a natural athlete with a big heart.

  • Growing Up and Spending Money with Shad Mayfield

    Episode 4

    You know Shad Mayfield as World Champion tie-down roper "Money," but he hasn't always been on top. Learn how Mayfield rose through the ranks from his humble cowboy roots to become one of roping's teenage stars, then carried that momentum into his 20s, when he began etching his name alongside rode...

  • Next Generation with Shad Mayfield

    Episode 5

    Shad Mayfield talks about the explosion of youth tie-down roping events and opportunities in the past several years. He discusses what it's going to take for young athletes to make a career out of tie-down roping in the upcoming years.

  • Rodeo with Shad Mayfield

    Episode 6

    The National Finals Rodeo can make or break a contestant's season. World champion tie-down roper, Shad Mayfield gives a no-frills account of his mental battles inside both Globe Life Field and the Thomas & Mack and how it has impacted his career. He shares the mental insights that have helped him...