Sarah Angelone

Sarah Angelone

3 Seasons

Sarah Angelone, like her sister Martha, has a gold buckle to her name. She was crowned the 2022 WPRA All-Around Champion just before her older sister won the breakaway championship. The Virginia native is a respected futurity and open horse trainer despite her young age, and Angelone added BFI breakaway champion, NFBR qualifier and American Rodeo Champion title to her list of achievements. Angelone shares her road map to success, the adjustments she made after her move to Texas, and a look into her successful collegiate career during an exclusive extended interview.

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Sarah Angelone
  • A Horse's First Time Out of the Box with Sarah Angelone

    Episode 1

    Sarah Angelone takes a 4-year-old "Louie" out of the box for the first time with the score lane up, building his confidence. She emphasizes forward motion and avoids nit-picking to get some solid runs in the books.

  • Breakaway Bits and Headgear with Sarah Angelone

    Episode 2

    As a trainer and competitor, Sarah Angelone has an impressive collection of bits and tie-downs for her horses. In this video, Angelone breaks down the bits she has, what horses she uses them on and when to use them. 

  • Buying Horses

    Episode 3

    Do the best breakaway prospects come from the cutting, reining or ranching pens? NFBR qualifier Sarah Angelone discusses what she looks for in a breakaway prospect, and what she's learning about horses from various backgrounds in this interview.

  • Practicing Roping on the Gain and Catching Tricky Calves

    Episode 4

    Sarah Angelone shares how she practices roping on the gain from the ground. Martha breaks down how she and Sarah's delivery style helps both ladies reach and catch close cattle, and Sarah demonstrates drills to help keep an open, even loop when calves move left or right during a run.

  • Bits for Breakaway Horses at all Stages of Training

    Episode 5

    Sarah and Martha Angelone pull out their favorite bits at each stage of the training process and break down what makes each bit work for their various horses in breakaway and team roping. 

  • The First Swing to the Last Swing

    Episode 6

    Martha Angelone's first swing is one of her keys to wicked fast runs. She breaks down precisely how she brings her first swing up and sets herself up to deliver quickly, then how she launches her last swing to the target for high-percentage catches.

  • Building Confidence to be Fast

    Episode 7

    Martha Angelone explains the ways that she uses roping the dummy to train herself to be fast in competition. Sarah Angelone explains how she applies pressure to herself and her young horses in order to prepare to win at jackpots and rodeos. They give examples of how their father and a mentor taug...

  • Learning How to React During a Run

    Episode 8

    This simple drill is perfect for beginners or younger ropers to learn how to react quickly while breakaway roping. Martha and Sarah Angelone originally learned this game at a Joe Beaver Clinic and have used it throughout the years to train themselves to be prepared for any situation that could ar...