Sarah Angelone

Sarah Angelone

3 Seasons

Sarah Angelone, like her sister Martha, has a gold buckle to her name. She was crowned the 2022 WPRA All-Around Champion just before her older sister won the breakaway championship. The Virginia native is a respected futurity and open horse trainer despite her young age, and Angelone added BFI breakaway champion, NFBR qualifier and American Rodeo Champion title to her list of achievements. Angelone shares her road map to success, the adjustments she made after her move to Texas, and a look into her successful collegiate career during an exclusive extended interview.

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Sarah Angelone
  • Practice Session on Almost-Finished 4-Year-Old Futurity Gelding "John"

    Episode 1

    Sarah Angelone practices on 4-year-old futurity horse "John," who has had 8 months of breakaway training. Sarah considers John almost ready to start hauling to rodeos, and ropes with the score lane up to test his ability to catch up, rate and stop off her throw.

  • Sarah Angelone Breakaway Practice on "Tight" Finished Horse "Squishy"

    Episode 2

    Sarah Angelone practices on a finished horse "Squishy," which she recently purchased back from his last owner. Squishy is a tighter horse who likes to stop, so Sarah focuses on keeping him freed up while still getting practice reps in. 

  • Practice Session Part 2 with Sarah Angelone

    Episode 3

    In this video, Sarah Angelone explains how she practices on a 4-year-old she trained who likes to stop too soon. She runs through multiple practice sessions to show how to maintain calmness in the box and keep the horse running free throughout the entire run.

  • Practice Session with Sarah Angelone and Shad Mayfield

    Episode 4

    In this practice session, Shad Mayfield is riding one of his good horses, 16-year-old Hot Rod, and Sarah Angelone is riding a 6-year-old horse. Mayfield focuses on keep his horse running through the throw and keeping his left shoulder up. Angelone is focused on keeping her horse free by scoring a...

  • Training Breakaway Horses with Sarah Angelone

    Episode 5

    Training horses is all about adapting. Sarah Angelone's learning how to train breakaway roping horses that not only she can win aboard, but in a way that her world champion friends can, too. She discusses how she makes buyer-friendly horses in her program.

  • Practice Session Part 3 with Sarah Angelone

    Episode 6

  • Angelone Sisters' Practice Session on Fresh Horses

    Episode 7

    Martha and Sarah Angelone ride Amigo and Chick in this practice session. Amigo is a greener horse that has been in training with Sarah for five months and she focuses on keeping him relaxed in the box, the run and in good position behind cattle. Angelone ropes off "Chick," one of her younger rode...

  • Angelone Sisters' Practice Session on Finished Horses

    Episode 8

    In this laid-back practice session, Martha Angelone and Sarah Angelone rope on their finished horses, Jesse James and Wilma, at Sarah's house in Lipan, Texas. They discuss scoring techniques and ways that they work each horse to keep them on their A-game. 

  • Angelone Sisters' Practice Session on Young Horses

    Episode 9

    Martha and Sarah Angelone work through a live cattle practice on their younger horses and explain how they work horses at different stages of training and correct common issues in the box and the run. 

  • Practicing Roping on the Gain and Catching Tricky Calves

    Episode 10

    Sarah Angelone shares how she practices roping on the gain from the ground. Martha breaks down how she and Sarah's delivery style helps both ladies reach and catch close cattle, and Sarah demonstrates drills to help keep an open, even loop when calves move left or right during a run.

  • Setting up Practice and Competition Ropes

    Episode 11

    Martha Angelone gives viewers a peek inside her roping bag. She shares what her must-have tools are. Angelone explains how she sets up her competition ropes, including how she cuts and ties the end of her rope to break away safely and quickly. She also describes how she sets up her practice ropes...