Ryan Motes

Ryan Motes

4 Seasons

American Champion heeler Ryan Motes is back on Roping.com, taking members behind the scenes at one of his renowned clinics. In this clinic, Ryan coaches ropers on handles and control on Smarty Pipes and live-steers.

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Ryan Motes
  • Ryan Motes Delivery & Draggers

    Episode 1

  • When to Feed and Swing the Heel Rope

    Episode 2

    Getting your rope up and ready after you find your position is critical in being ready to rope when your header turns the steer. In this video, American Champ Ryan Motes talks about how he scores and rides and then when and how he feeds his heel rope. 

  • Heeling Theory 

    Episode 3

    American Champ Ryan Motes explains his theories on heeling and competition to Key Card members at the 2022 US Finals.

  • On Heeling and Baseball | Loop Placement

    Episode 4

    American Champion heeler Ryan Motes talks through heeling theory and loop placement in an exclusive clinic to Key Card members at the 2022 US Finals.

  • High-Percentage Heeling Position

    Episode 5

    American Champ and NFR heeler Ryan Motes explains heeling position.

  • Heel Horse Box Work

    Episode 6

    What's the best way to score your heel horse? Ryan Motes talks about how you should spend your down time in the box while you're waiting for your header. 

  • Teaching Patience in a Heel Horse

    Episode 7

    As Tyler Merrill prepares for the American Rope Horse Futurity Association's World Championships, he focuses on teaching his young horses patience.

  • Reinforcing Fundamentals in Young Horses

    Episode 8

    When approaching pre-event practice on a young horse, your best bet is to reinfornce fundamentals rather than ram-and-jam training into them. American Champ Ryan Motes outlines how he approaches practice on his ready-to-go good young horses. 

  • Letting Your Heel Horse Lock On

    Episode 9

    Ryan Motes hones in on a tiny detail in a heeler's horsemanship and rope handling that can help his horse stop better and make the heeler's job even easier.