Rope with Ryan Motes & Brock Hanson

Rope with Ryan Motes & Brock Hanson

American Champion heeler Ryan Motes has a new series with champion header Brock Hanson. In this new series, Motes and Hanson go through what a day or practice runs look like. You can gain tips for slowing it down with a scoring lane and find out how this can help you fine-tune your roping runs. Plus watch exclusive practice sessions on Bet Hesa Shiner, Level Up and Three S REO Booncat.

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Rope with Ryan Motes & Brock Hanson
  • Practice Session: 6-Year-Old Stallion Bet Hesa Shiner

    Brock Hanson works on his roping with Ryan Motes heels on Bet Hesa Shiner—Ironman—making realistic runs to make sure the horses are sharp and solid. Hanson rides a practice horse that allows him to work on his roping, while Motes rides Bet Hesa Shiner to ensure the horse is driving through the tu...

  • Practice Session: Slowing It Down with a Scoring Lane

    Brock Hanson and Ryan Motes practice on one of Hanson’s new help horses and one of Motes’ solid futurity horses to slow down their run and fine-tune parts of the run. In this session, Hanson takes some walk starts, and Motes backs his horse off through the corner to keep solid position.

  • Practice Session: Building Futurity Runs and Tuning on Older Horses

    Brock Hanson is team roping’s master catcher, and his job is to help at the horse shows by catching every single steer. In this practice session at Ryan Motes’ place in Decatur, Hanson and Motes talk through a practice session on a green heel horse and one of Hanson’s seasoned help horses. Motes ...