Steer Break-In Sessions

Steer Break-In Sessions

Learn how to break-in steers from top ropers within the industry and watch past NFR steer break-ins!

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Steer Break-In Sessions
  • Breaking in Fresh Steers with Reed Flake

    You want steers that run better and last longer? There's more to do than showing them the bottom of the arena. After training literally thousands of corrientes, Reed Flake fills you in on everything from horn wraps to catch pen. You'll get some good tips from Reed and with the price of steers, a ...

  • 2023 WSTR Finale Steer Break-In Footage

    Introducing the steers for the 2023 WSTR Finale.

  • The 2023 NFR Steer Break-In

    Shot at two-time World Champion and Contestant Director Kaleb Driggers’ Stephenville, Texas, arena, the 2023 NFR Steer Break In is never-before-seen footage of the best ropers in the world getting their first taste of the Hill Rodeo Cattle steers that they’ll rope at the Wrangler National Finals ...

  • 2022 NFR Steer Break-In | Day 1 | Full Session

    Watch the best in the world break in the Hill Rodeo Cattle steers they'll rope at the 2022 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo from Kaleb Driggers' house in Stephenville, Texas.

  • 2022 NFR Steer Break-In | Day 2 | Full Session

    On day two of the 2022 NFR steer break in at Kaleb Driggers, Dustin Egusquiza, Travis Graves, JR Dees, Levi Lord, Cody Snow, Wesley Thorp, Buddy Hawkins, Clay Tryan, Jade Corkill, Junior Nogueira and Logan Medlin all showed up to put runs on the Hill Rodeo Cattle steers they’ll rope in the Thomas...

  • 2022 NFR Steer Break-In Footage

    In this introduction to the 2022 NFR steer break in process with Hill Rodeo Cattle, Cody Snow, Wesley Thorp and JR Dees introduce you to the cattle for the Finals.