New Releases

  • Trailer: Stay Driven

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    Stay Driven with Patrick Smith will focus on the team component of the sport, an element often overlooked by ropers of all levels and will use never-before-seen camera angles and video technolog...

  • The 2023 NFR Steer Break-In

    Shot at two-time World Champion and Contestant Director Kaleb Driggers’ Stephenville, Texas, arena, the 2023 NFR Steer Break In is never-before-seen footage of the best ropers in the world getting their first taste of the Hill Rodeo Cattle steers that they’ll rope at the Wrangler National Finals ...

  • Analyzing Pedigree and Conformation on A&C Racing and Ropings Yearlings

    A&C Racing and Roping’s Rhen Richard walks through his set of yearlings, explaining the crosses and what he sees in each colt.

  • Practice Session on Foose Is Smoking

    Description: Rhen Richard explains the conformation of a 5-year-old head horse and how his structure affects his performance. Then he breaks down how he warms the horse up, and finally what his practice session looks like.

  • Ideal Buttons in a 2-Year-Old

    What would the full package of buttons on a 2-year-old look like for Miles Baker? Miles uses Cardi BRelentless, a 2-year-old running-bred filly, to explain.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Slow Roping Session 4

    Keeping horses soft throughout the entire training process is important. In this video, Dean Tuftin explains why this is and how they begin the process when horses are in their 2-year-old year getting them broke and laterally and vertically soft.

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Slow Roping Session 3

    In this video, Dean Tuftin is on a 5-year-old colt that still has some green spots to him. Tuftin tries some fresher cattle to see where he's at, focusing on keeping a left lead and keeping him soft.

  • When NOT to Throw

    In the practice pen, you don't always have to throw your rope. Miles Baker explains how stopping a heel horse instead of throwing your rope reiterates the frame a horse should be running in.

  • Tying 101 with Shad Mayfield

    In this video, world champion tie-down roper, Shad Mayfield, explains the basic methods for tying a calf down in tie-down roping. He breaks down how to use the piggin string correctly, what a "hooey" is, and when to use one wrap versus two. Mayfield also explains the proper way to use your knees ...

  • Practice Session with Sarah Angelone and Shad Mayfield

    In this practice session, Shad Mayfield is riding one of his good horses, 16-year-old Hot Rod, and Sarah Angelone is riding a 6-year-old horse. Mayfield focuses on keep his horse running through the throw and keeping his left shoulder up. Angelone is focused on keeping her horse free by scoring a...

  • Dummy Roping Session Part 3

    In this video, Dean Tuftin shows why they rope the dummy in a circle on young horses and what their focus is for each horse.

  • Dummy Roping Session Part 2

    At DT Horses, the focus is on what's best for the horse, not a timeline. In this video, Dean Tuftin heels the dummy in a snaffle at a trot.

  • Dummy Roping Session

    Even when heading, instilling circles is important. Dean Tuftin explains how following the dummy in a circle when heading reinforces a horse's left lead and keep them left at a good width from a steer.

  • Goat Roping Masterclass

    Cesar de la Cruz works on heeling his pygmy goat, Oreo, to master tough heel shots.

  • Goat Roping 101

    The goal of goat roping is to master timing and loop placement, and in this video, Cesar de la Cruz explains his goat-roping practice routine.

  • The Ultimate NFR-Steer Dummy

    Cesar de la Cruz and his brother developed a special dummy for the cattle at the National Finals Rodeo, where the steers’ legs come out more wide-legged than at a normal rodeo. In this video, de la Cruz describes how he heels his “Clifford Franklin” dummy to master his coverage and timing on the ...

  • Hox and Pipe Sawhorse Session with Cesar de la Cruz

     Cesar de la Cruz believes the heel loop is never thrown; instead, he says it’s placed in position. He talks about how to finesse his heel loop to the ground with his fingertips without even swinging the rope.

  • Pulling Your Slack

    Lari Dee Guy and Hope Thompson demonstrate how important pulling your slack is and the role your left hand plays in pulling your slack correctly.

  • Analyzing Pedigree and Conformation on A&C Racing and Ropings Weanlings

  • Elbow, Rein and Coil Control

    The way you hold your coils and your reins affects your horsemanship as much as it affects your roping. Feeding with your rein-hand, improper coil position and improper elbow control all can be detrimental to your horsemanship and your roping. The 26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile explains why. 

  • DT Horses Masterclass: Slow Roping Session 2

    Fresh muleys are good for young horses because they keep moving forward. Dean Tuftin explains how they help train young, green horses to not worry about a hit in front of them because of the constant forward motion.

  • Sunday, November 5, 2023 | Riata Buckle Futurity - Part 2

    Watch the conclusion of the Riata Buckle Futurity on Nov. 5 starting at 8 a.m. CT. Sunday at the Riata Buckle features the #9.5 All-Age Championship.

    In its second installment, the Riata Buckle Stallion Incentive will payout at least $2.5 million to ropers, breeders and stallion owners at the La...

  • Saturday, November 4, 2023 | Riata Buckle Futurity

    Nov. 4 at the Riata Buckle continues with All-Ages Championships and Junior Championships. Watch live starting at 8 a.m. CT!

    In its second installment, the Riata Buckle Stallion Incentive will payout at least $2.5 million to ropers, breeders and stallion owners at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, O...

  • Friday, November 3, 2023 | Riata Buckle Futurity

    Watch the Riata Buckle on Nov. 3 starting at 8 a.m. CT with the#14.5 All-Age Championship with $100,000 guaranteed followed by the #12.5 All-Age Championship with $650,000 in the pot!

    In its second installment, the Riata Buckle Stallion Incentive will payout at least $2.5 million to ropers, bree...