Miles Baker

Miles Baker

4 Seasons

Meet one of the leading rope horse trainers in the industry, Miles Baker. Go behind the scenes of the Relentless Remuda and learn what it takes to start the next generation of rope horses.

Miles Baker
  • Proper Mechanics of a Good Stop

    Episode 1

    What are the proper mechanics for a good stop, and why does it matter? A horse being over- or under-the-bridle can negatively affect the mechanics of a horse’s stop, and Miles Baker explains the ideal use of the horse’s body in the stop.

  • Over and Under the Bridle with Miles Baker

    Episode 2

    The terms ‘over-the-bridle’ and ‘under-the-bridle’ both have negative connotations in horse training, but why? Miles Baker explains why balanced horses shouldn’t be either over or under-the-bridle, and what problems are caused by both situations.

  • Tie-Down Length with Miles Baker

    Episode 3

    When introducing a young horse to a tie-down, Miles Baker starts off with it looser. Miles explains why he does this and how he goes about tightening it up over time.

  • How to Gain Collection

    Episode 4

    In Miles Baker’s second video on collection, he demonstrates what collection means when it comes to controlling a rope horse prospect's stride, explaining how he uses his feet and his hands to gain collection.

  • The Word "Collection" with Miles Baker

    Episode 5

    Horsemen throw the word “collection” around a lot. But for Miles Baker and Trevor Brazile, collection has a clear relationship to the horse’s feet, not his face. In this video, Baker explains the Relentless Remuda’s definition of collection.