Miles Baker

Miles Baker

4 Seasons

Meet one of the leading rope horse trainers in the industry, Miles Baker. Go behind the scenes of the Relentless Remuda and learn what it takes to start the next generation of rope horses.

Miles Baker
  • Proper Mechanics of a Good Stop

    Episode 1

    What are the proper mechanics for a good stop, and why does it matter? A horse being over- or under-the-bridle can negatively affect the mechanics of a horse’s stop, and Miles Baker explains the ideal use of the horse’s body in the stop.

  • When NOT to Throw

    Episode 2

    In the practice pen, you don't always have to throw your rope. Miles Baker explains how stopping a heel horse instead of throwing your rope reiterates the frame a horse should be running in.

  • Over Bridling vs. Collection

    Episode 3

  • Using A Breakaway Hondo on a Young Head Horse (Part 1)

    Episode 4

    Not all breakaway runs are created equal. Miles Baker and Trevor Brazile explain the intricacies of how they use a breakaway in their program and why. PART 1

  • Breakawaying on a Green Head Horse

    Episode 5

    Not all breakaway runs are created equal. Miles Baker and Trevor Brazile explain the intricacies of how they use a breakaway in their program and why. 

  • Holding Your Horse's Hips in Place

    Episode 6

    Trevor Brazile is never done learning, and luckily he has Miles Baker around to provide insights when he sees a hole in his horsemanship. In this video, Baker coaches Brazile through a slight adjustment to his body position to better control his horse’s hips.

  • The Mechanics of the Sliding Stop

    Episode 7

    How exactly do you create and reinforce a slide in a heel horse? Miles Baker talks about how he uses his left hand in the stop and how that affects the finish of his run.

  • Bits and Tie-Downs on Green Head Horses

    Episode 8

    How should your bit and tie-down be adjusted on a young head horse? Miles Baker and Trevor Brazile explain. 

  • Dialing a Green Head Horse Back Down

    Episode 9

    After putting high-pressure runs in competition on a young head horse, Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker talk through how they calm that horse back down and bring him back to his fundamentals. 

  • Blending Styles in a Partnership

    Episode 10

    Headers and heelers spend time figuring out their run, and sometimes they make adjustments on the fly. Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker talk through how those adjustments are made mid-run, and who needs to make those adjustments.

  • Developing a Corner on Young Head Horses

    Episode 11

    Making a willing young horse solid involves riding your horse under your swing and keeping him moving forward through the corner. Miles Baker talks through building forgiveness into his program to keep his young horses liking their jobs.

  • Making a New Partner Work

    Episode 12

    Partner swapping can be detrimental to your roping, and Trevor Brazile talks through why that is and how you can make adjustments if you need to swap.

  • Facing on Young Horses

    Episode 13

    Miles Baker demonstrates how he reinforces Keeping your horse’s shoulders moving.

  • When To Quit

    Episode 14

    When is it time to quit each day? Miles Baker explains that it depends on your goal and changes every day.

  • Leg Use

    Episode 15

    Miles Baker uses his legs a lot on young horses. In this video, Miles explains why he does this and what benefits leg use brings.

  • Heeling Drill: Developing Control Through the Corner

    Episode 16

    In preparation for the American Rope Horse Futurity—where Joseph Harrison showed Tuckin Away Buckles for the Relentless Remuda—Miles Baker drills "Dagger" to keep him listening and controlled in the corner. 


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