Martha Angelone

Martha Angelone

4 Seasons

Watch 2022 NFBR Champion Martha Angelone on! Martha and sister Sarah’s series give you access to learn what it takes to make winning runs. Don’t miss out on learning from the best!

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Martha Angelone
  • Angelone Sisters' Practice Session on Finished Horses

    Episode 1

    In this laid-back practice session, Martha Angelone and Sarah Angelone rope on their finished horses, Jesse James and Wilma, at Sarah's house in Lipan, Texas. They discuss scoring techniques and ways that they work each horse to keep them on their A-game. 

  • Angelone Sisters' Practice Session on Young Horses

    Episode 2

    Martha and Sarah Angelone work through a live cattle practice on their younger horses and explain how they work horses at different stages of training and correct common issues in the box and the run. 

  • Angelone Sisters' Practice Session on Fresh Horses

    Episode 3

    Martha and Sarah Angelone ride Amigo and Chick in this practice session. Amigo is a greener horse that has been in training with Sarah for five months and she focuses on keeping him relaxed in the box, the run and in good position behind cattle. Angelone ropes off "Chick," one of her younger rode...