Madison Outhier

Madison Outhier

Madison Outhier won the inaugural RFD-TV’s The American’s breakaway roping title in 2019, and followed that up with the 2020 Women’s Rodeo World Championship breakaway roping title in 2020. After winning the two single largest checks in the sports history, Outhier went on to win the Texas High School Finals breakaway title in 2021. Also a world-class polo player, Outhier balances her diverse training regimen with her school work and horse training program.

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Madison Outhier
  • Finding Confidence

    Being confident when you walk into the box can be the difference between a good and bad run. Madison explains what does to make sure she feels confident before each competition.

  • How to Handle Losses

    Knowing how to handle losses is part of the mental game. Madison Outhier shares how she handles losses, keeps her confidence and stays on track for the next competition.

  • What Makes Madison Outhier's Horse Rooster Great

    Madison Outhier talks about what makes her horse, Rooster, one of the top breakaway roping horses. She discusses his breeding, how he was trained and what he does to help her score.

  • Polo v Breakaway Mental Strategy

    Although it seems like polo and breakaway roping have nothing in common, they both take a great deal of mental strategy. Madison talks about the similarities and differences in the mental game with polo and breakaway roping. 

  • Pre-Competition Mental Preparedness

    Having a pre-competition routine can help with your mental preparedness. Madison Outhier shares her routine and explains how it helps keep her sharp.

  • Youth Situations Vs. ProRodeos

    Different competitions can give you different stress levels. Madison Outhier talks about which events are more stressful for her and how she manages that stress.

  • Goal Setting in Breakaway Roping

    Knowing your goals can help you be better prepared. Madison Outhier explains how she sets a goal, then works backwards to make sure that all her practice and preparation helps her get closer to that goal.

  • Getting Support

    Having a good support system can help you balance your goals and expectations. Madison Outhier talks about her support system and how she uses it to help her after a tough competition.

  • What Makes a Good Practice

    Madison Outhier explains that there are several components a good practice. She discusses some of the skills she likes to practice and what she is looking for while she is in the practice pen.

  • Conquering the Pressure to be Fast

    It's important to be fast, but don't let the pressure get to your head. Madison Outhier shares how she manages the pressure to be fast when competing at bigger events.

  • How Much Core Strength Matters in Breakaway Roping

    Fitness, especially core strength, is important for breakaway ropers. Madison Outhier and Lari Dee Guy discuss how staying strong in your core can help you hold your position and keep you more accurate during a run.