Luke Brown

Luke Brown

2 Seasons

Master your position and ride like 3X World Champion header Luke Brown in his series on Plus: put your riding to the test and head into the practice pen with Luke.

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Luke Brown
  • Riding Across the Line

    Episode 1

    Letting your horse leave before you pick your rope up can help you stay with your horse and throw faster. Luke Brown talks through how to make that happen.

  • Letting Your Head Horse Find the Steer

    Episode 2

    Pulling on your horse's mouth takes your horse out of the hunt for the cow and makes your head shot harder. Luke Brown explains why that doesn't work.

  • Rein Position Across the Arena

    Episode 3

    Every horse is different across the arena. Luke Brown talks about how he gets along with the horses in his rig handling steers. 

  • Staying with Your Horse Out of the Box

    Episode 4

    Even NFR average champ Luke Brown has things he needs to work on in his roping. In this video, Brown explains how he's addressing an issue that he sees in his own roping. 

  • The Right Lane for Open-Level Jackpot Runs

    Episode 5

    With open-level jackpots getting faster and faster, Luke Brown talks about the position he rides to stay competitive. 

  • Heading on a Free Horse and Roping on the Gain

    Episode 6

    Roping on a horse that's on the gain presents its own set of challenges. Luke Brown talks about how he stays ahead of the play on horses that have a lot of run to the cow.