Logan Harkey

Logan Harkey

2 Seasons

Horse trainer Logan Harkey joins Caleb Smidt and Justin Maass on Roping.com in an entire category dedicated to calf-roping instruction, from flanking and tying 101 to the finer points of teaching a futurity calf horse to work the rope.

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Logan Harkey
  • Safety Tips, Rein Length and Box Basics

    Episode 1

    The tie-down roping has a lot of moving parts, and it can get dangerous fast. Logan Harkey explains the safety measures he takes, how he likes his reins and what he does in the box.

  • Keys to Starting Green Horses out of the Box

    Episode 2

    Logan Harkey wants a calf horse to stand relaxed and at attention in the box. In this video, he explains what he does in the practice pen to get green horses prepared.

  • Bits and Tie-Downs for all Stages of Training

    Episode 3

  • Teaching a Horse to Work the Rope with Two Ropes

    Episode 4

    When teaching a calf horse how to work the rope, Logan Harkey finds success in using two ropes. In this video, Harkey explains how using a rope on each side of a green horse prepares him for a live calf.

  • Understanding the Mechanics of the Horse

    Episode 5

    On a 4-year-old Bet Hesa Cat gelding, Logan Harkey explains how to understand the way the horse's body works to maximize his abilities and eliminate over-working in a calf horse. Harkey spends most of the video explaining the horse's feel and movement while loping circles and keeping the horse so...

  • Scored Components in the Calf Roping and Keys to Training a Solid Foundation

    Episode 6

    Logan Harkey focuses on going slow when training calf horses because of the nature of horse shows and futurities. In this video, Harkey explains how and why he trains horses the way he does to ensure they do their job with no fear.