Lane Ivy

Lane Ivy

3 Seasons

Lane Ivy, an NFR header, shares invaluable insights into maintaining control and responsiveness in your head horse during various roping scenarios. From trotting behind the next steer to keep the horse relaxed to handling naughty behavior in the box without scoring, Ivy demonstrates effective techniques for keeping horses flat and calm. He also offers guidance on achieving the desired start without exerting excessive force, emphasizing the importance of maintaining communication and control. Additionally, Ivy emphasizes the significance of finishing runs in a manner that keeps horses calm and prepared for future challenges. Through his expertise, Ivy highlights the importance of balanced horse care and reinforces cues in young horses to set them up for success, ultimately emphasizing the necessity of keeping horses attentive and responsive in any roping environment.

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Lane Ivy
  • Preventing Climbing in Head Horses

    Episode 1

  • Drill for Calm Head Horses

    Episode 2

    Should you score when your head horse is being naughty in the box, or is there a better solution? NFR header Lane Ivy demonstrates how he keeps his horses flat and calm in the box without scoring when his horse isn't listening.

  • Teaching Rein Pressure and Comfort in the Box

    Episode 3

    It's a common question: How hard should you pull in the box to get the start you want? Lane Ivy gives you some guidelines on getting a good go.

  • Building a Solid Foundation in Your Rope Horses

    Episode 4

    Rope horses should flex and respond to leg pressure and bridle pressure, and they learn from pressure and release. Lane Ivy talks about how to reinforce cues in young horses to set them up for success.

  • World Series Starts vs. Rodeo Starts

    Episode 5

    The secret to the start wherever you are is keeping your horse listening to you rather than the bang of the gate or the movement of the steer.