Kory Koontz

Kory Koontz

2 Episodes

BFI Champion and 22-time NFR heeler Kory Koontz takes Roping.com members into his barn and behind the scenes some of the best rope horses of all time.

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Kory Koontz
  • Kory Koontz—"The Best Heeler to Never Won a Gold Buckle"

    Episode 1

    Kory Koontz's career has spanned three decades in the PRCA, and he's qualified for the Finals 22 times. In a video from the 2018 NFR, Kory Koontz talks about what it means to not have won a gold buckle in his long career but to have started the career of many world champions.

  • Kory Koontz—The 2005 NFR

    Episode 2

    Kory Koontz was on track to win a gold buckle in 2005 when Jake Barnes cut off his thumb in the middle of the Finals. In this video, Koontz looks back on that year and what it meant to his career.