Kolton Schmidt

Kolton Schmidt

3 Seasons

Kolton Schmidt is a two-time NFR qualifier with a Canadian championship and a College National Finals Rodeo championship to his name. He’s studied under great horsemen like Shawn Grant and Dean Tuftin.

Kolton Schmidt
  • Trouble-Shooting a New Horse

    Episode 1

    Kolton Schmidt brought a green head horse to this video shoot where we roped hard running, big cattle.

  • Neck Catches: How Do They Happen?

    Episode 2

    Brisket shots happen. But they don't have to make your heeler's job hard—here are Schmidt's tips on handling cattle even when you rope on around the neck (on purpose or not).

  • Breaking Down a Miss: Roping in the Wrong Lane

    Episode 3

    Kolton Schmidt admits not every run is perfect. He breaks down why he missed a steer in practice and how he can ride his horse better on these strong cattle.

  • Managing the Elements: A Deep Box

    Episode 4

    While top-tier jackpots generally control for most variables, plenty of ropings offer a variety of obstacles to success—like deep ground that bogs horses down in the boxes. Kolton Schmidt talks about how to ride for that situation and how to help your horse help you.

  • Handling Cattle That Go Left

    Episode 5

    Roping cattle that cut under you is hard enough. Then handling them? Here's how Kolton Schmidt explains the best way to help your heeler once you've got a steer roped that ran under you.

  • Taking That Not-So-Smart Shot

    Episode 6

    Kolton Schmidt graciously breaks down why he missed a shot that he knew he probably shouldn't have taken.