Kelsie Chace Domer

Kelsie Chace Domer

4 Seasons

Kelsie Chace-Domer grew up in a farming and ranching family in Cherokee, Oklahoma, where she followed in her parents’ team roping footsteps and began competing at junior and high school rodeos. Even then, Chace-Domer knew she wanted to rope professionally. Now based in Stephenville, Texas, with her husband Ryan, Chace-Domer has established herself as a household name in the breakaway roping rodeo circuit. Her latest accomplishment is winning the 2022 Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Breakaway Roping title on her horse Little Man.

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Kelsie Chace Domer
  • Smarty Roping Lesson with Kelsie Domer

    Episode 1

    WPRA World Champion Kelsie Domer gives advice on the Smarty at the Smarty Young Pro clinic. She discusses topics such as fundamentals, making practice more realistic and rope angles. 

  • Tip Direction and Angle

    Episode 2

    Kelsie Chace-Domer has a unique ability to keep her rope high leaving the corner. Lari Dee Guy and Chace-Domer discuss how that affects her catch percentages and how she uses her horse to help her get her swing up.

  • Where Do You Hold Your Rope in the Box?

    Episode 3

    Breakaway ropers have to throw FAST, so how they start their rope in the box matters. Lari Dee Guy and Kelsie Chace-Domer talk about the different ways ladies start in the box and how they start their swings from the corner to get the most power and momentum.

  • The Breakaway Roper's First Swing

    Episode 4

    The breakaway ropers' first swing should be wide over the chute in order to get momentum and power. Lari Dee Guy and Kelsie Chace-Domer explain how Kelsie's first swing is so dominant.

  • The Breakaway Roper's Job

    Episode 5

    What is the breakaway roper's actual job? Kelsie Chace-Domer and Lari Dee Guy talk about executing.