Justin Maass

Justin Maass

3 Seasons

Justin Maass is an eight-time National Finals Rodeo tie-down roper and million-dollar cowboy. He owns and operates Maass Performance Horses in his hometown of Giddings, Texas, and he's made two PRCA/AQHA Tie-Down Roping Horses of the Year. He was the PRCA's Reserve World Champion in 2012, and he's won RodeoHouston twice. Now retired from ProRodeo competition, Maass trains horses and gives roping lessons full-time.

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Justin Maass
  • Tying Your Rope on Safely

    Episode 1

    Justin Maass discusses how to safely secure a rope to the saddle, and what gear he likes to use to k

  • The Jerk Line

    Episode 2

    Justin Maass shows how a jerk line should be secured and what ropers can do to correct horses that want to back up one direction or another.

  • Tie-Down Roping Tack and Gear

    Episode 3

    Justin Maass covers the basics of roping gear from the neck rope to protective boots and saddle pads. He explains how he likes a saddle to fit a horse and why a horse's comfort is a top priority.

  • Common Swing Mistakes in Calf Roping

    Episode 4

    Justin dissects some common roping mistakes and how he teaches people to avoid them. Maass focuses on having a crisp, pointed rope and an effective elbow. He discusses where he targets on calves and where he was aiming when he missed.

  • Understanding Calf Ropes and Strings

    Episode 5

    Justin Maass explains what he likes in ropes and his favorite brands. He goes over rope sizes, polygrass vs poly, rope care, weights and how different ropes suit certain roping styles. His strings haven't changed in more than 15 years, and he shows why he likes the 1/4" medium-hard string.

  • Understanding Rope Tucks

    Episode 6

    Justin Maass does some troubleshooting with rope tucks, explaining how riders can adjust them on everything from feely horses to horses that won't back up well.

  • Loop and Coil Size for Calf Roping

    Episode 7

    Justin Maass emphasizes preparation and the importance of keeping a loop, spoke and coil size consistent. He explains how he adjusts the sizes of each part to a roper and if he'd rather have a loop too big or too small. Then, Maass sets up an ideal roping situation with the rope tucked into his b...

  • Calf Roping Bits

    Episode 8

    Justin Mass goes through his favorite bits for starting colts and moving them up. He explains his preferences for port and shank size along with which horses the bits help. He also brings out his "Come to Jesus" mouthpiece for harder-mouthed horses.

  • Calf Roper's Dummy Roping 101

    Episode 9

    Justin Maass goes back to the basics of dummy roping, breaking down the top skills ropers need when practicing on the dummy. He explains when his rope breaks over, he wants the eye of the loop targeting the calves' neck and shoulder. He also shares a basic hack that helps him get the loop in the ...

  • Flanking and Tying 101

    Episode 10

    Justin Maass coaches a student through flanking and tying a calf with the goal of ease and speed. He goes step-by-step, using leverage and momentum to flank the calf using his shoulders, back and legs. Maass explains how he can flank calves at the maximum size his body can manage using this techn...