Justin Briggs

Justin Briggs

3 Seasons

Professional horse trainer Justin Briggs offers an insightful glimpse into his comprehensive approach to horse training, focusing particularly on the critical early stages of a colt's development. From ground work and initial saddling to refining steering and introducing riding cues, Briggs demonstrates his methodical process with precision and care. He emphasizes the importance of gauging each colt's individual confidence level and tailoring the training accordingly, all while prioritizing safety and longevity in the horse's career. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Briggs shares valuable insights on selecting prospects, establishing foundational skills, and nurturing a balanced, responsive partnership between horse and rider. Throughout his demonstration, Briggs underscores the significance of thoughtful training methods that prioritize the horse's well-being and development over shortcuts or fatigue.

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Justin Briggs
  • Starting a 2-year-old Dash Ta Fame x Frenchmans Future Stud Colt

    Episode 1

    An uncut look at 10 minutes of ground work and saddling to the first step in the stirrup by Justin Briggs with a 2-year-old Dash Ta Fame stud colt.

  • Staying Safe on Day 1 with a Fractious 2-year-old

    Episode 2

    Professional horse trainer Justin Briggs demos his ground work process for the first saddling of an energetic 2-year-old.

  • Moving the Feet First

    Episode 3

    Justin Briggs demonstrates his method of establishing steering on the end of the halter rope.

  • Round Pen Philosophy

    Episode 4

    Professional horseman Justin Briggs talks about his round pen philosophy when starting colts and how to use the round pen as a tool and not a crutch.

  • Different Levels of Confidence in 2-year-olds

    Episode 5

    Justin Briggs talks about the importance of reading a colt's level of confidence, or lack thereof, and how it's normal for colts to progress at various speeds.

  • Seventh Ride on a Green 3-year-old

    Episode 6

    Justin Briggs works a 3-year-old Goodbye Lane with just six rides and shows how switching directions and keeping his colt's attention with the lead rope in his ground work transitions well to these early rides.

  • Building the Foundation for Turns and Stops

    Episode 7

    Justin Briggs demonstrates how he is building the foundation for turns and stops as he teaches his c

  • How the Start Translates to Competition and Handling Pressure

    Episode 8

    Professional horseman Justin Briggs discusses how and why he has developed a method of starting colts that doesn't rely upon training through fatigue.

  • Using the Halter and Snaffle Together

    Episode 9

    Professional trainer Justin Briggs explains his progression of halter to snaffle and how he uses them in tandem to achieve a better feel on his colts.

  • The Importance of Safety and Knowing Your Limits

    Episode 10

    Accomplished horseman Justin Briggs explains the importance of staying safe and protecting your investment when starting colts.

  • Selecting Prospects

    Episode 11

    Justin Briggs discusses the importance of selecting the best prospect you can afford and how breeders incentives have impacted the market.

  • Introducing a Curb Bit

    Episode 12

    Horseman Justin Briggs shows the typical progression of his program as he introduces a 3-year-old Mr Cinnamon Roll x Dash Ta Fame to the curb bit.

  • Laying the Foundation for Rate and Stop

    Episode 13

    Professional horseman Justin Briggs demonstrates how to set the proper foundation in place for rate and stop on a prospect.

  • Using Your Hands and Feet Correctly When Riding Colts

    Episode 14

    Professional horseman Justin Briggs demonstrates the degree to which he uses his hands, feet and spurs in coordination to achieve a broke, balanced horse that responds well to his cues.

  • Hand Position When Riding Colts

    Episode 15

    Justin Briggs shares his his typical hand position when riding colts.

  • Focusing a Colt's Attention vs. Getting One Overly Tired

    Episode 16

    The difference between training a horse to be truly broke as opposed to fatigued, and why Justin Briggs thinks it's important to avoid the latter.

  • Developing All-Around Horses

    Episode 17

    Justin Briggs talks about the typical program at Briggs Performance Horses for developing solid all-around horses through barrel, cow and break-a-way roping work.

  • How to Approach Sensitive Colts

    Episode 18

    Professional horseman Justin Briggs answers the question posed by a viewer as to how he approaches a hypersenstive colt.

  • Develop a Relationship with Your Colt

    Episode 19

    Professional trainer Justin Briggs answers the question of what type of personality he looks for in a prospect and how personality is molded by a thoughtful training approach.

  • Hoof Trimming Basics

    Episode 20

    Accomplished horseman Justin Briggs shows his method of safely working with a yearling to trim its hooves.