JR Dees

JR Dees

2 Seasons

JR Dees, a seasoned professional team roper with career earnings totaling $671,099, has two Wrangler NFR qualifications under his belt, including a standout performance in 2022 where he finished fifth in the world standings. Throughout his career, he has secured numerous victories at prestigious rodeos, showcasing his exceptional roping skills and strategic prowess alongside various partners. As a dedicated horse trainer, he continues to cultivate his passion for roping while mentoring the next generation of rodeo enthusiasts. With a dynamic and aggressive roping style, Dees epitomizes the spirit of cowboy athleticism and camaraderie both on and off the arena floor.

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JR Dees
  • Green Horse Safety and Assessment

    Episode 1

    Are you giving your fresh, green horse a fair shot when you take him to the roping pen after some time off? BFI Champion JR Dees walks you through a fresh horse warm up and provides some dos and don'ts on a green horse.

  • Right Rein Use on a Head Horse

    Episode 2

    Should you use more left rein or more right rein on your head horse? NFR Header JR Dees talks about how he prefers his head horses to work through the corner and through the face.

  • Keeping Your Horse Loose in the Box

    Episode 3

    JR Dees says that adjusting your rein length to keep your horse relaxed in the box can keep him loose in the corner, making the header's job easier.

  • Keeping the Steer's Head in Tow

    Episode 4

    JR Dees talks about why it's so critical to keep the steers head high.

  • Position to be Fast

    Episode 5

    Even when you're trying to reach as a header, you've got to ride your horse to the steer before widening. BFI Champion JR Dees talks about how he throws fast and keeps a horse working.

  • Keeping Your Head Horse Free

    Episode 6

    In practice, if your horse reads your throw, correct him by using your feet and your hands to keep him running to the steer.

  • Understanding Momentum of a Run

    Episode 7

    Keeping the steer's head will keep the momentum of a run. JR Dees explains the angle necessary to make that happen.

  • What Headers Don't Focus on Enough

    Episode 8

    Headers need to focus on watching the steer throughout the run—even after they turn him. This comes into play especially when reaching, according to BFI Champion JR Dees.

  • Overcoming Mistakes: Body Movement in the Saddle

    Episode 9

    Leaning back and forth in the saddle can become a bad habit—one JR Dees knows well. Here's how he overcomes it.

  • Score, Ride and Rope

    Episode 10

    Heading steers comes down to score, ride, rope, no matter at what level you're competing. JR Dees breaks it down.