Joseph Harrison

Joseph Harrison

4 Seasons

Joseph Harrison, a seasoned veteran with over $1,000,000 in career earnings and six appearances at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, shares invaluable insights on perfecting your positioning near the pipes. Learn from the best and avoid common mistakes with his exclusive masterclass, available only on

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Joseph Harrison
  • A Flat Heel Loop 

    Episode 1

    What angle should your loop have to give you the most coverage of the feet? Joseph Harrison explains. 

  • Joseph Harrison | Rodeo Horse Practice

    Episode 2

    Joseph Harrison gets on his NFR heel horse Capone and gives access to a practice session. 

  • A Heeler's Final Practice Before a Big Roping

    Episode 3

    Joseph Harrison is a master at precision, and his horses and his roping stand out because of that. In this video, films Harrison preparing for the 2022 Bob Feist Invitational, where Harrison won the coveted Heel Horse of the BFI bronze.

  • Bubba Buckaloo & Joseph Harrison | Practice Session

    Episode 4

    Bubba Buckaloo and Joseph Harrison practice for the 2021 BFI on both young horses and ProRodeo mounts.

  • Pre-Practice Warm-Up Routine

    Episode 5

    Joseph Harrison is looking to achieve a specific feel on his horses before going to the Smarty. In this video, he demonstrates how he wants his heel horses responding to his cues before he tracks the sled. 

  • Joseph Harrison | Practice Session on Standout Young Horse

    Episode 6

    Joseph Harrison shows the good and the bad of a practice session on his ARHFA World Champion coming 5-year-old gelding.